React Native CI/CD to build, test, and release React Native app

Build, test, and release faster, better React Native apps with React Native CI/CD.

React Native-specific CI/CD solutions

Use Bitrise’s React Native CI/CD solution to automate the building, testing, and release of React Native apps — and optimize React Native mobile workflows.

Automatic project-type detection

Once you add your React Native app to Bitrise’s React Native CI/CD platform, the project scanner automatically detects the React Native project and kickstarts a build for both Android and iOS apps.

Effortless dependency handling

No more worrying about missing dependencies. Manage your node modules, and your iOS or Android dependencies with Bitrise Steps such as the Run npm command, Install missing Android SDK, and Run Cocoapods install Steps.

The right compute options for the task

The Bitrise build Stack for cross-platform projects works with both Android and iOS. You can run both apps simultaneously and get their binaries in one build.

Run your unit and UI tests

Run your unit tests and the E2E UI tests with Detox on Bitrise’s React Native CI solution, and view your test results in a convenient way with Test Reports. Register test devices on Bitrise and immediately test your apps on them. You can also run your tests in parallel using local simulators with Build Pipeline.

React Native security with no compromise

Sit back and relax — your data is safe with us.

Secret environment variables

Secrets are encrypted, and are only visible during running builds, or if your settings allow them to be shown on the UI. Your credentials and API keys for connected services are safe with us.

Make secrets & files protected

You can set any secret env or file — such as provisioning profile, certificate, or keystore — as protected. Protected secrets cannot be revealed on the UI and such files cannot be downloaded by anyone from your team.

Approval for pull request builds

Anyone can open a pull request from a fork in an open-source project — but you might not want every single PR to start a build on your React Native CI/CD. Set up your app to require manual approval from owners or admins before starting a pull request build.

React Native CI

Cross-platform and third-party support, automated workflow configuration, custom plans — you name it, the Bitrise React Native CI solution has it.

Two native apps in one workflow

Configure your React Native CI workflows to export iOS or Android builds — or both all at once.

Full support for your native apps

There are dozens of iOS and Android Steps to choose from when it comes to building, testing, and deploying your app. Explore them at the Bitrise Integrations site.

Automatic code signing for both platforms in one workflow

With automatic provisioning, the headache of iOS code signing becomes a thing of the past as our Manage iOS Code Signing Step downloads and generates the provisioning profiles for your project. When it comes to Android, the Android Sign Step takes care of digitally signing your APK.

350+ integrations

Support for all third-party services that are used for iOS CI, including dependency managers such as Carthage, CocoaPods, or automation tools such as fastlane. Explore the growing number of Verified steps on Bitrise. Missing anything? Request or build it yourself!

Full enterprise-ready feature set

Bitrise meets your enterprise's needs: Easy team and organization management and SAML Single Sign-On that supports most major identity providers, custom Enterprise plans with a fully customized build environment, and a credit-based Velocity plan.

React Native CD

Save time by automating releases so you can focus on doing impactful work.

Release to testers using React Native CI/CD

With the Deploy to Step, you can easily share a public install link with testers so that they can install and test your app on their devices. If you wish to perform external testing, you can submit your app to App Store Connect or to Google Play Console with the Deploy Step.

Automatically send app updates to app stores

Automatically deploy your apps to the App Store, Google Play Store, HUAWEI App Gallery, and more by adding the deploy Steps to your React Native CI/CD workflow.

Deploy to third parties

If you are already using a service for deployment, don’t worry — you can continue to do so. Whether you need Visual Studio App Center, Firebase, or others, we've got you covered.

The best React Native integrations and add-ons

Integrate with all the React Native CI/CD tools you love and use for testing, distribution, and notification.

Run npm command

Use the Run npm command Step with the command and arguments you provide to install missing packages, run a package's unit testing, install a JS dependency installer, and more.

Manage iOS Code Signing

Easy iOS code signing is handled automatically.

iOS Device Testing

iOS Device Testing Run iOS XCUItest on a variety of physical devices.


Use the Bitrise open-source step library to create your own Step. Or, use the Script step instead.

Build Insights

Visualize build performance and identify bottlenecks by using historical build and test performance tracking.

Google Play Deploy

Upload your React Native app to Google Play with your APK or ABB file and automatically deploy your app to Google Play Store.

Xcode Archive & Export for iOS

Run the Xcode Archive command, export an IPA from the archive, and automatically manage code signing assets.

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