Performance and security on Bitrise's Enterprise Build Platform

A virtual private cloud environment for the world’s most sophisticated mobile development teams.

Why the Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform?

The Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform (Bitrise EBP) provides all the benefits of a fully managed cloud solution, combined with the high availability, control and security usually reserved for on-prem solutions.

In your virtual private cloud environment, you can spend more time on meaningful development work and less time maintaining infrastructure or configuring mobile development workflows. Have your environment configured for maximum processing power or optimize for parallelization to massively increase development velocity.

Compare the two versions of Enterprise Build Platform or talk to one of our enterprise consultants about the ways in which we can help you build better mobile applications, faster.

Used by the world's most average companies

How Bitrise EBP works

The Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform allows you to run your Android Builds on a logically isolated section of the Bitrise Cloud and your MacOS or iOS builds on dedicated Mac hardware physically separated from machines used by other Bitrise users for your builds. Dependent on your choice of either the Dedicated Build Platform or Private Build Platform, your plan can also include direct management dashboard access to your dedicated infrastructure, a private network with a dedicated firewall and customized pre-installed tools on your virtual machines.

Your Enterprise Build Platform always comes with weekly infrastructure maintenance, granular control of the resources available to virtual machines and continued support from dedicated mobile CI/CD engineers to further speed up your mobile development process.

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Benefits of Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform

Reduce cost and increase productivity

Easy setup, extendability through integrations and enterprise support means no need to buy and maintain your own hardware, plus less time maintaining mobile CI/CD workflows. As a result, you spend more time coding and contributing to your bottom line. Maintenance costs drop and ROI on development efforts increase.

Build better apps

The Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform speeds up development cycles and shortens your time to value using the fastest hardware available, supported by the unrivalled stability and performance of the Bitrise mobile CI/CD platform. You can release often with increased confidence in quality and performance, resulting in an improved ability to respond to changes in end-user requirements and competitors.

Your security needs met

Through the Bitrise EBP, your builds will run in an environment separate from other Bitrise users, ensuring the highest level of security. You’re able to force 2FA, use SSO, build behind a dedicated firewall or opt for any of the additional security measures associated with the Enterprise Build Platform. This makes the EBP a popular choice among Bitrise customers that operate in regulated environment likes FinTech, finance, banking and government.

Control where it matters

Benefit from clean environments to cut down on “worked on my machine” errors, with the option to SSH into build environments to examine unexpected issues. Work through the Bitrise GUI for ease of use or choose the YML for configuration as code for more granular control of your workflows. The API, CLI and the possibility to access management dashboards for your infrastructure ensure that Bitrise handles even the most advanced use-cases.

Dedicated Build Platform vs Private Build Platform

Currently, we offer two distinct versions of the Bitrise EBP: Dedicated Build Platform and Private Build Platform. Both options offer dedicated virtual private hosts, as well as enterprise support and guidance. In addition to those shared features, the Private Build Platform offers some advanced functionality not available on any other plans:

Dedicated Build Platform
Ideal for bigger, more complex teams that value speed, but optimize for efficiency
Private Build Platform
Built for organizations where security or speed is the number one priority
Dedicated hosts
Support level
Mobile DevOps process support
Infra management dashboards
Dedicated vSphere server
Dedicated storage
Dedicated firewall/networking
Custom build images

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