Bitrise for finance and banking

Bitrise already helps some of the world's best finance apps deliver exceptional user experiences. How? By allowing teams to release new versions rapidly and still meet strict security standards.

Save time and resources with Bitrise

"Bitrise was the rare third-party vendor that quickly passed through the verification checks and assessments that come with bringing new technology into a regulated financial institution."

Dama Damjanovic

Principal Engineer at N26

N26 used Bitrise to triple their release frequency and now release a new version every week. Their testing time has been cut by 80% and their builds are 50% faster. All of this has been possible due to Bitrise and it's extensive library of pre-built Steps.

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Your data is safe with us

Bitrise adheres to all international security laws and regulations and offers additional support in code signing, security approvals, and connection setups as well. We allow customers to have full control over stacks and access management, as well as the option to monitor any and all access within and outside of their environment at all times.

For more info about our security policy, visit our security center.


We ensure the appropriate security of your personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, or damage.


Bitrise is considered to be a sole data controller under the GDPR. We process your personal data solely for customer support, billing, and other back-office purposes. We are not processors of personally identifiable information.


Bitrise has undergone a comprehensive SOC2 Type II auditing procedure in order to demonstrate our compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and to assure that we manage our users’ data in a way that protects their interests and privacy.

Data Centers

We use cloud providers and data centers, all of which are certified by ISO27001 and SOC2 and are hosted in the United States.

Vendor certifications

All of our core service providing third parties are ISO27001 and SOC2 certified and go through a security review process before being onboarded.

Security Framework

Bitrise has a security program that is based on industry-standard security frameworks, such as NIST, SOC2, and ISO27001.

How much time does a cloud-based CI/CD solution save you?

For fintech companies, delays caused by manually maintaining build machines are simply not an option when it comes to application failure. Using a cloud-based CI/CD platform such as Bitrise means that your developers are not only resolving issues more rapidly, but also eliminating repetitive work and wait time so that they remain flexible and responsive at all times.

Performance and security on Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform

The time and costs required to maintain a self-hosted DevOps infrastructure can take up more of a company’s resources and budget than opting for a cloud-based solution. While the scalability of an on-premise solution is limited to the number of physical machines, Bitrise offers infinite space for growth.