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Bitrise already helps some of the world's best finance apps deliver exceptional user experiences. How? By allowing teams to release new versions rapidly and still meet strict security standards.

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How much time does a cloud-based CI/CD solution save you?

For fintech companies, delays caused by manually maintaining build machines are simply not an option when it comes to application failure. Using a cloud-based CI/CD platform such as Bitrise means that your developers are not only resolving issues more rapidly, but also eliminating repetitive work and wait time so that they remain flexible and responsive at all times.

Performance and security on Bitrise Enterprise Build Platform

The time and costs required to maintain a self-hosted DevOps infrastructure can take up more of a company’s resources and budget than opting for a cloud-based solution. While the scalability of an on-premise solution is limited to the number of physical machines, Bitrise offers infinite space for growth.

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