Iterate your apps faster: Build and test in parallel

Build Pipelines helps you organize your entire mobile CI/CD build process, and allows you to set up advanced configurations with multiple tasks and tests running parallel and/or sequentially.

Parallel builds

With Build Pipelines, run parallel builds and multiple mobile CI/CD development tasks side by side. More developers can commit builds to branches, resulting in mobile apps going into production quicker. Sequential builds can also be compared to ones already parallelized β€” giving you a high-level overview of what tasks are being completed in a visual step-wise manner.
Pinpoint failing builds and workflows
Shorten the feedback loop and iterate on your apps faster
Measure improvements compared to serially executed workflows
Have a visual overview of complex sets of workflows and their artifacts
Understand your build order dependencies

Parallel testing

Test-shard in parallel

Run parallel testing in your mobile CI/CD builds and eliminate sequential testing. Split up large UI test suites, unit tests, simulator tests, security tests, and more into multiple, smaller individual test suites. Parallel testing saves time and helps you run more successful builds.
Saves time for test suites with a large number of test cases
Pinpoint why and where builds are failing
Respond to failed tests quicker

Rerun flaky tests with partial pipeline re-runs

With partial pipeline reruns, teams can iterate faster. Re-run failed workflows in the Build Pipeline β€” without re-running your whole pipeline. With artifact sharing, you can run any number of tests on the same artifact in parallel Workflows after your app has been tested once. In case of a failed build, only workflows that failed in the previous pipeline run will be executed.
Reduce time to recovery
Overcome flaky workflows
Build unsuccessful workflows only
Save developer time
Save money

Run parallel testing in stages

Running parallel testing and workflows in stages speeds up developer feedback cycles by enabling shorter iterations on mobile CI/CD pull requests. Separate sequences into stages, and within a stage, run workflows and tests in parallel β€” allowing more flexible configuration of dependencies between workflows.

An overview of your parallel builds

When you run parallel builds, you can view complex sequences of tasks in our easy-to-understand UI. Visualize and plan parallel testing and builds running in stages, see the breakdown of costs and build duration, and understand the true impact a pipeline has with its total cost and duration impact.

Rebuild unsuccessful workflows

Parallel testing helps you overcome flaky workflows and rerun only those that failed in the previous pipeline run β€” saving you time and money.

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