Build a CI pipeline using Bitrise Steps and Workflows

The Bitrise Workflow Editor is a convenient and powerful tool, designed to ensure the smoothest possible Continuous Integration processes for developers everywhere.

What are Workflows?

The Workflow Editor is where most of the Bitrise magic happens. You can configure every aspect of your Bitrise build here: all the tools, services, and integrations you want to use.

Set up Environment Variables, both on the app level and on the Workflow level, and manage all the files you need for the build, including code signing files.

Advanced users can go straight to editing the configuration in YAML format for complete control over their builds.

What are Steps?

Steps are the heart of our CI/CD service, they are the building blocks of our Workflow Editor.Steps are open-source integrations that let you do just about anything on Bitrise: they build, test, and deploy your apps, they can notify your teammates, open Jira tickets, and so much more.

Browse all 330+ steps

Bitrise Steps

We’re continuously updating the Step Library: we’re working round the clock to create new Steps to fit our users' constantly evolving needs and to update existing Steps with new tech and new functionality. We always want to make sure that our Steps are powered by the latest and greatest tools and services.

Verified Steps

Our partners - such as Huawei, Codecov and Deploygate - provide Verified Steps to their tools or services. A Verified Step means that the service's or tool's owner guarantees secure, maintained, consistent, and high-quality performance for Bitrise users. (Read more about our Partnership program)

Community Steps

If you don’t find the Step with the functionality or service you need among our 320+ Steps, no problem! Our Step Library is open source, so anyone can contribute. Write and submit your own Step if you’d like!

Example workflows

How does it work?

Add your app to Bitrise

First, you’ll have to connect your repository to Bitrise. It will take less than 5 minutes.

Project Scanner

Then the Bitrise Project Scanner will check your repo and help you with setup.

Default workflow is set up

You’ll get default workflows based on what type of app you’ve added to Bitrise.

Start running builds

You can now start building, testing, and deploying your app on our virtual machines.

Custom Steps for exclusive use

Do you have a very specific use case that requires tinkering? Tinker away.To customize your workflows even more, you can use a Script step, but if it’s not enough you can create your own step.

Bitrise’s entire Step Library is open source so you can look at the code of our Steps and create your own modified versions that fit your needs the best.

Build customized workflows

We'll give you automatically generated Workflows, specific to your app, be it Android, iOS, Flutter, that is native or cross-platform.

Is your process more complex? No problem. On our intuitive graphical interface, adding and removing Steps, configuring their inputs, or even chaining different Workflows together so they run right after each other is quick and simple. Build as many Workflows as you need to ensure that nothing compromises your app's quality!

< Run the same config locally >

Download your bitrise.yml file and use our open source CLI locally to debug a build or to run your automations from the terminal.

Bitrise saves each build's configuration state and if changed you can check out the difference between the older and the new versions. Something seems off? Click restore to roll back to an earlier version.

Build better apps, faster with Bitrise

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