Mobile test results on a single dashboard

No time wasted on finding your test results in long build logs. Test results, even high volumes, are now all exported to a single page, called Test Reports, where a neatly organized assortment of all your test results are ready for analysis. Performance data, videos, logs, artifacts, you name it, Test Reports have it!

Test results at your fingertips

Test Results are just a click away from your Build’s page. Once your build has run, you can click the Test Reports button and view all your unit, UI and device test results collected in a single dashboard. Once you’ve analyzed your build’s test results, you can easily navigate back to your app through the top menu bar.

Minimal config, maximum results

Sounds good but how does it work? In a nutshell, our testing Steps deploy your tests results to one directory from where the Deploy to Step picks up those test results and delivers them to the Test Reports page which is like a one-stop mobile test results dashboard. This means you only need your tests in a repository, a testing Step and the Deploy to Step in your Workflow. These are the Steps which support Test Results:

A closer look at your test results

No time wasted on finding test results. Our mobil test result analyzer takes care of organizing all your test results and groups them, for example, by success ratio and type. The Test Summary tab displays an overview of all your tests with a button to jump to Test Cases. This provides more granularity on each test case with additional information, for example, on duration, device, locale and orientation depending on the test type.

A variety of output types

Based on your tests, there is a wide variety of test output types you can analyze in Test Reports. Test cases with a status indicator, performance test results displaying, for example, CPU and memory usage, videos on UI changes, and screenshots, test artifacts and logs are all available or downloadable as you wish.