Bitrise integration with Unity software

Usher in the next frontier of AR/VR mobile experiences, natural worlds, and expansive metaverse connections on mobile by building with the Unity software integration on Bitrise. Whether you're shaping mixed realities for Apple Vision Pro™ spatial computers, crafting mobile gaming sagas with Netflix, or building immersive AR/VR realms, Bitrise is your bridge to turning visions—from rideable raptors to captivating natural worlds—into a reality.

Streamlined mobile app development and deployment

  • Instant builds for Unity software workflows: Begin your builds instantly, receiving swift feedback on Pull Requests (PRs) and ensuring a rapid deployment. Dive deep into your project with efficiency and focus to do what you love: creating games, metaverses and more.
  • Rapid management of Unity software versions: Install your preferred version of Unity software in a mere 2 minutes. Leverage our service dedicated to streamlined Unity software version handling, adhering to industry-leading standards for quicker build processes.

Cutting-edge hardware and technology support

  • Specialized machines for Apple Vision Pro spatial computers: Address the needs of cutting-edge Apple Vision Pro spatial computer developments with the unmatched power of macOS Apple Silicon machines. Gain unique access to Mac Studio and the compact MacMini—vital tools for advanced, high-performance, Apple Vision Pro spatial computer app creations.
  • Support for intense memory-heavy builds: Deploy our M1 Max Medium and M1 Max Large machine types for resource-heavy tasks. With support for up to 54 GB of RAM, even the most demanding workflows run seamlessly.
  • Repo support for up to 1 TB: We offer repo support for up to 1 TB on dedicated or private machines to revolutionize efficiencies for your mobile app development processes.

Automation for license handling

Automated Unity software license management: Simplify traditional Unity software license handling. Effortlessly assign Unity software license keys from the license pool to the builds, ensuring uninterrupted—seamless—license transitions. You don't need to manage floating license servers; Bitrise automatically assigns license keys to builds and tracks which build uses which license key.

Dedicated developer support for Unity software

  • Dedicated support: Our expert customer support team is always ready to assist, ensuring you never feel stranded.
  • Engage with a developer community for Unity software: Connect with our expansive mobile developer community on platforms like Slack and Discuss. Whether it’s to request features related to Unity software, troubleshoot problems, or spark inspiration, you're in good company.

Advanced mobile development tooling

Optimized mobile gaming app development: From Android SDK utilization to Firebase Test Lab integration, experience a fully optimized mobile gaming app development process. Save time with our pre-configured steps and benefit from specialized tooling that guarantees efficiency throughout the entire Mobile DevOps journey.

Why choose Bitrise for building on Unity software?

Here is why Bitrise is the go-to CI/CD solution for mobile developers building on Unity software. Below are some of our core features supporting Unity software builds.

Unity Cloud Build
CI/CD for Mobile DevOps
Bitrise Insights
No setup required
Game performance and player behaviors
No setup required
Integrate with analyzer
Build cache for Gradle
Build cache for Bazel
Release Management
Mobile build environment
iOS and macOS
Newest 3 Xcode not supported
Newest Android SDK not supported
React Native and Flutter
Unity software license support
License support
Support License management
Support License management
Support License management
Support License management
Automated license support
License pools*
Unity software builds
Build start time
Build start takes 7 minutes
Install Unity software versions on the fly
Default Unity version on machines
Building on Unity software
Via build script
Via Unity own marketplace
Via Orb
Via build script
Machine types for mobile development
M1 MacMini
Slower performance
M1 Max Studio
Repo size
Repo size support up to 40 GB on public machines
Repo size support up to 1 TB on dedicated or private machines
Available on the Enterprise Build Platform
Up to 40 GB only

*Support License pools: License pools for Unity centralize and streamline software licensing. Easily add license pools for Unity in Bitrise under Integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Unity software license when building with the Unity software integration on Bitrise?

Yes, you need to purchase your own license for the Unity software.

How can I install the Unity software integration on Bitrise?

Check out our dev center for a step-by-step guide on installing the Unity software integration, or view our blog.

What happens once I deploy a build?

Your build information is seamlessly integrated, and execution begins instantly.

What if a build is aborted?

Licenses are freed up and ready for the next build, even if there’s a lost connection.

On which Bitrise build platforms can I build with the Unity software integration?

Starter, Teams, Velocity and Enterprise platforms. However, repo size support up to 1 TB is only available on dedicated and private machines.

Transform your AR/VR and metaverse development

Bitrise offers a unique, mobile-focused CI/CD solution tailored to the needs of developers using the Unity software for their projects. Developers with repositories under 40 GB can explore our offerings with a free starter package, granting access to M1 Medium machines. If you're managing a 40 GB+ repo or have an interest in M1 Max machines, let's show you firsthand how we can revolutionize your development processes.

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