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Build credits
Monthly price
(paid monthly)
Monthly price
(paid yearly)
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Tier 2
Tier 3
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(paid monthly)
Monthly price
(paid yearly)
Team members
Private apps

Plans for teams of every size

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Build and distribute your passion project without the extra cost.
Get started
Access for a team of one 
(that's you!)
Enough build credits for you to build your small project a few times per month
Support from the Bitrise Community via Slack or 
Discuss forum


From $89
per month when billed annually

or $99 per month when billed monthly
Designed for indie developers and small teams to get up and running.
Start 30-day trial
Unlimited monthly build credits mean you can freely explore new workflows
Space for up to 10 team members and two private apps
Fully-managed macOS or Linux Medium infrastructure so you can focus on core development


From $202.50
per month when billed annually

or $225 per month when billed monthly
Perfect for growing teams who need increased collaboration.
Start 30-day trial
Unlimited team members with group management for optimal collaboration
Elastic scaling with 10 concurrent builds to meet your throughput demands
Unlimited workflow steps so you can configure the most complex build pipelines


Contact us to explore pricing
Flexibility for advanced mobile engineering orgs and scaleups.
Talk to us
Enterprise-level SLA and partnership with a dedicated CSM for 1:1 support
Dedicated build environment or self-hosted AWS agent to meet your security requirements
Access to the largest machine types and Bitrise Build Cache for unparalleled build speeds

Add-ons for Bitrise Mobile DevOps Platform

Bitrise Insights

starting price

Quickly diagnose problematic builds and tests with an overview of your CI/CD health trends.

Bitrise Release Management

starting price

Manage store releases from a single hub and gain clear visibility into your release journey.

Bitrise Build Cache


Reduce local and CI build times with a 
fully-managed remote build and test cache.

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Plan overview
Team members ?
The number of collaborating users per app.
Up to 10
Concurrent builds ?
The number of builds that can run in parallel.
Up to 3
Up to 10 (macOS), 30 (Linux)
Credit / month ?
Credits represent the available build time associated with your Bitrise plan.
Up to 20,000+
Click to see credit tiers
Private apps ?
Private repositories available to only select contributors.
Up to 2
Public apps ?
Open source repositories open to the public.
Build timeout ?
Maximum build duration before build fails with timeout.
210 minutes
210 minutes
Custom (up to 4h)
Dependency cache storage ?
Key-based caching is available with a maximum storage allowance per plan. If you run out of your allowance, your least recently used cache entries will be replaced with new ones based on our smart algorithm.
2 GB
100 GB
Compute types ?
The types of virtual machines available to run builds on.
Linux Medium, M1 Medium
Linux Medium, Linux Large, M1 Medium, M1 Large
Click to compare build machines
Self-managed hosting ?
Use the Bitrise agent to run your builds on your AWS or on-premise infrastructure.
AWS, On-premise
Cloud hosting ?
Run your builds on an infrastructure fully managed by Bitrise.
Public, Dedicated available
Bitrise Build Cache ?
Accelerate your builds with a fully managed remote build cache.
Free trial
Free trial
Free trial
YML config as code ?
Workflows and configs can be edited as code too, stored in the repo or on Bitrise.
Pipeline management ?
Workflow management for more advanced build setups.
Workflow steps & integrations ?
The number of steps you can use per app. Select from a Step Library containing 350+ out-of-the-box and up-to-date integrations available to use.
Up to 15 unique/app
Automated step & stack updates ?
Updates are on us, upgrades and downgrades are available.
Test reporting ?
Test results exported to a single, neatly organized page, including performance data, videos, logs, and artifacts.
Device testing ?
You can register your test devices or you can use steps that utilize Google Firebase to run your tests on real and virtual devices.
Bitrise Release Management ?
Oversee store releases from one centralized location, have visibility into the release process, and enjoy simplified release management.
Built-in OTA deployments ?
An integrated app deployment system you can use to distribute your apps and other build artifacts.
Automatic code signing ?
Automatically manage and apply digital signatures to your code during the build process.
Build Insights ?
See which workflows have slowed down and click into key stats to identify the root cause.
Free up to 500 builds
Test Insights ?
Identify your most failing, slowing, and flaky tests.
Free up to 100,000 tests
Alerting ?
Configure custom build and test alerts to be the first to know when something changes.
Developer efficiency metrics ?
Pinpoint team inefficiencies, enhance productivity, and improve code quality.
Coming soon
Caching metrics ?
Monitor caching hit rates to ensure you're building as efficiently as possible.
Coming soon
Security & Governance
Group management ?
Roles can be assigned to your team members, e.g. admin, developer, tester.
2FA ?
An extra layer of security to your account available.
Single Sign-on (SAML SSO) can be used for logging in more safely to Bitrise.
Standard, SAML add-on available
Custom SAML
Audit Log Connector ?
Collect, store, and analyze Bitrise user actions and comply with regulatory and organizational requirements
Add-on available
Community ?
Ask questions and answer fellow developers on our Discuss page or Slack channel.
Email Technical Support ?
Ticket-based email support is provided by our expert support engineers.
Premium Support with SLA ?
This option includes ticket response SLA, optional dedicated onboarding, Slack support, and Bitrise consulting sessions.
Customer Success Team ?
This option includes named account management and high-level technical specialists to ensure you get the most out of Bitrise.
Onboarding assistance ?
Hands-on support from our engineers during onboarding, to ensure your team sees as much value from Bitrise as possible, as soon as possible
Custom price

Achieve faster builds with your existing CI platform

Bitrise Build Cache is a native companion to Bitrise Mobile DevOps Platform and also serves as a CI-agnostic remote build cache, often halving build and test durations across other CI platforms.

Reduce compute expenses by reusing build and test artifacts.
Slash build and test times for quicker local feedback loops and deployments with any CI provider.
Seamlessly implement with apps built on Bazel and Gradle.

Start a 30-day trial of Bitrise Mobile DevOps Platform + Bitrise Build Cache to see how Bitrise can accelerate your mobile engineering team's delivery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are credits?

Credits represent the available build time associated with your Bitrise plan. One credit represents one minute of build time on our standard Linux compute option, or 30 seconds on our standard MacOS option. You can find a full breakdown of the compute options and their associated credit usage here.

How do I calculate how many credits my team will need?

On a Teams plan, you will receive a free trial for Teams and 7,500 credits to start building. When the Trial ends, we will suggest a credit bundle that will fit your needs. If you feel like 7,500 credits won’t be enough to sufficiently trial Bitrise, contact us and we’ll put together a custom trial for you.

What makes the Enterprise plan different from the Teams plan?

Our Enterprise plan adopts a build-based pricing model, ensuring a transparent and consistent monthly fee structure. This eliminates the variability associated with credit-based models, where costs can fluctuate based on build durations.

In contrast to our Teams plans, which provide shared public build environments exclusively, our Enterprise plans offer enhanced flexibility by providing fully managed options for both public and dedicated environments. This empowers you with increased security and control over your build environment. Additionally, you can self-host your build infrastructure through Bitrise on AWS or by utilizing Bitrise Agent for on-premise setups.

What’s the difference between Starter and Teams?

With the Starter plan, you can get your new pipeline up and running with unlimited build minutes. The Starter plan allows you to run up to three concurrent builds with up to 10 Bitrise users – ideal for individual developers and small teams just getting started with Bitrise.

As your builds and teams grow, our Teams plan gives you the opportunity to optimize the efficiency of your builds. With flexible credit packages tailored to your specific needs, you can easily balance build speed and cost.

How do I upgrade to Enterprise once I’ve signed up?

Talk to us. The team will make sure the plan fits your exact needs.

What is a Build timeout?

The Build timeout is the maximum amount of time a workflow is able to run. When your build hits the build timeout limitation, your build will be stopped. On our Free plan, your build times out at 90 minutes, while on Teams it can run up to 210 minutes. On Enterprise, build duration is flexible, up to a maximum of 4 hours.

Can I compare compute options?

Linux (Ubuntu) Virtual Machines

Linux Medium
1 credit/min
Ubuntu VM, 4vCPU, 16GB RAM @3.1GHz
Available on Hobby, Teams, and Enterprise
Linux Large
2 credits/min
Ubuntu VM, 8vCPU, 32GB RAM @3.1GHz
Available on Teams and Enterprise
Linux X Large
4 credits/min
Ubuntu VM, 16vCPU, 64GB RAM @3.1GHz
Available on Enterprise

macOS Virtual Machines (Apple Silicon)

M1 Medium
2 credits/min
4 CPU @3.2GHz 6 GB RAM
Running on Apple Silicon, M1 Mac mini
Available on Hobby and Teams
M1 Large
4 credits/min
8 CPU @3.2GHz 12 GB RAM
Running on M1 Mac minis
Available on Teams and Enterprise
M1 Max Medium
6 credits/min
5 CPU @3.2GHz 27 GB RAM
Running on M1 Max Mac Studio
Available on Enterprise
M1 Max Large
8 credits/min
10 CPU @3.2GHz 54 GB RAM
Running on M1 Max Mac Studio
Available on Enterprise

What types of support do you provide?

All Bitrise accounts come with ticket-based email support and community support: ask questions and answer fellow developers’ on our Discuss page and Slack channel, or submit a support ticket here.

Customers receiving Priority support will gain access to a customer success manager to help you achieve your most pressing goals on Bitrise.

Premium support also includes: a technical account manager, ticket SLAs, a dedicated Slack channel, and impact sessions, where we give guidance driving performance improvements.

What does the Hobby tier include?

Our Hobby tier is free. No strings attached, no credit card needed. We give you 1 private app, 5 concurrencies with 90 mins/build timeout and 300 credits per month. Try Bitrise, it’s on us.

What's included in the 30-day free trial?

You will have access to all the capabilities of the “Teams” plan. You will also have a total of 7,500 credits available during the trial. These credits are available just for the trial. When you pick a plan, you get credits as per your plan allowance.

Where do I see the number of credits consumed?

You can see your number of credits consumed on Insights. Navigate to the “Insights” tab, and find “Credits” on the left navigation bar. If you run out of credits, you can either request a trial extension or just get going with a paid plan.

Can I activate a paid plan even before my trial ends?

Yes, you can activate a paid plan anytime during your 30-day trial. Just click on “Select plan” from the top banner whenever you are ready. Alternatively, you can go to the “Plan & Billing” section of your “Workspace Settings” to view available plans.

What happens when my trial ends?

You will be able to see the trial end date in your welcome email, on Bitrise as a banner, or even in your Workspace Settings. We’ll remind you 5 days before your trial ends with an email and also on the UI. At the end of the trial, you will be asked to choose a plan before you can continue using Bitrise.

You can also continue using Bitrise for free, you will be able to choose our “Hobby” plan at the end of the trial where you will still be able to access the basic capabilities for free, with a credit allowance of 300 per month.

Sign up now — choose a plan later

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