Continuous Integration for Mobile

Build better apps, faster — save time spent on testing, onboarding, and maintenance with automated workflows and triggers.

No more high-risk release days

There’s no undo button on mobile: timing your release to a dedicated day, let’s say every two weeks, is incredibly risky. By adopting a mobile Continuous Integration model, your team can catch bugs and inconsistencies before they reach production and fix them immediately.

Release to app stores with confidence

Mobile requires rapid iterations — the technology is constantly changing, and app store rankings are strongly influenced by the release cycle. Rapid releases require trust in quality, though. By continuously merging and testing changes before release, you’ll minimize potential negative end-user experiences and create an environment where you confidently submit to the app stores.

No hardware or maintenance required

Cut maintenance costs by replacing your current build machines with our mobile CI / CD cloud infrastructure and only pay for the hardware that you actually use. We will take care of the maintenance, tools, virtualization, so you don’t have to.

Your code is safe with us

We use virtual machines to run your builds to ensure maximum confidentiality. Once your build finishes, the virtual machines return to their original clean state, leaving no trace behind. Need an extra layer of security on top of all that? With our custom enterprise build platform, you can control how, when, and where you want to run your builds.

Go to market faster

On Bitrise, teams shorten their release cycles with easy automated building and testing, resulting in faster time-to-market without the added complexity and overhead of maintaining a custom CI environment. Robust team management features and build logs enable stronger collaboration between developers, while ensuring bugs or issues are detected and resolved earlier.

Save developer time

Mobile developers are able to set up webhooks and run builds and tests automatically on every commit to branch. Use the automatically configured default Workflows or drag & drop new Steps, notifications, and triggers to tweak the CI process to your exact needs in hours, instead of days.

Out-of-the-box solution

Get your build up and running under 2 minutes. No setup or configuration needed: Bitrise will scan your code and set up the necessary workflow steps automatically.

300+ integrations

You name it, we have it. Use steps from our library to create powerful workflows, and if you’re missing an integration, add it to our open source library.

Built with love by the Bitrise Community

Workflow steps are 100% open-source — that's a lot of hands on deck that help us keep up with the rapid changes in the mobile development scene.

Build better apps, faster with Bitrise

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