Mobile-first build platform wherever you are

Focus on mobile development without worrying about what’s under the hood. Start with our public cloud, or switch to a fully managed private environment. Run everything inside your AWS infrastructure, or use your own machines with our Bitrise Runners.
We have you covered wherever you are.

Enterprise-ready build platform

Fully managed cloud environment

Don’t compromise build speed for security. We offer mobile-first expertise across our entire build platform. Start with our public cloud or switch to a fully private environment, ensuring alignment with your security team’s requirements.

  • Connect to your Enterprise Build Platform via a dedicated IP range and through your own firewall
  • Provision and configure racked Apple or Linux machines that are used exclusively for your builds.
  • Get started with Bitrise on AWS to unite Bitrise’s CI/CD orchestration with your existing EC2 infrastructure.
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Join the teams who already trust us

Managed Tooling

Build smarter, not harder

Our build platforms are pre-configured with the latest tools and dependencies, enabling you to build great apps without the distraction and overhead of managing updates. We’ve got you covered.

  • New Xcode versions and betas are available within hours after their release
  • Any type of compute options for your need with machines ranging from M1 Medium 4 CPU to M1 Max Large 10 CPU machines
  • Every build securely runs on new VM, which we automatically set up and tear down, ensuring an isolated environment for each build
  • We handle stack updates for you. You just need to focus on building the next amazing app
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Customer story

“With our legacy platforms, Jenkins and CircleCI, we had to use archaic scripts that weren’t replicable and these platforms were slow to update their stacks. A new Xcode version would be released, and three months later, CircleCI still didn’t have it.”

Josh Walker
Staff Software Engineer, BuzzFeed
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Security & Compliance

Securely build better apps

Join industry leaders who rely on us to deliver a platform that meets the highest standards, ensuring that builds are efficient and safeguarded at every step.

  • Our commitment to privacy is backed by GDPR compliance and comprehensive SOC2 Type II audits.
  • Your source code is not stored and is only accessed on ephemeral VMs if your workflow is configured to allow it.
  • Manage authentication via SAML SSO, GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket SSO, and 2FA.
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Bitrise on AWS

Use your AWS infrastructure

Bitrise on AWS orchestrates your CI builds on your existing AWS infrastructure. Enjoy the benefits of the Bitrise Mobile DevOps platform while maximizing your AWS investment.

  • Choose between a bare metal or VM offering
  • Ready-to-use AMIs with mobile build environments, available across 4 continents
  • AWS Cloud Controller increases stability and saves costs by scaling your EC2 infrastructure with the Bitrise AWS cloud controller
  • Save money by running two builds per macOS EC2 instance thanks to reliable Bitrise-managed virtualization
  • Avoid the burden of maintaining environments with tooling and dependency updates by Bitrise
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Run it wherever you are

Huge variety of deployment options so you can find what's most suitable for you.

Bitrise Cloud

Public Build Platform
Get started
Isolated VMs are running in a public cloud
Shared network infrastructure
VPN Client on the VMs
New Xcode versions and betas available within hour
Bitrise managed VMs with mobile expertise
Dedicated Build Platform
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Physical machines running your VMs are temporarily dedicated to only you while
Site-to-site and client server supported VPNs
New Xcode versions and betas available within hour
Bitrise managed VMs with mobile expertise
Private Build Platform
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Physical machines running your VMs are dedicated to you at all times
Tailored infrastructure with your own firewall, storage, and computing environment
Tailored virtualization configuration
Unique IP addresses
Optional site-to-site VPN
New Xcode versions and betas available within hour
Bitrise managed VMs with mobile expertise


Bitrise on AWS
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Provision Linux and Mac machine instances via EC2 in your AWS account
Run Bitrise workflows seamlessly on your AWS machines
Manage your own security policies in AWS
Scale your EC2 machines with the Bitrise AWS cloud controller
Bitrise managed AMIs with the latest Xcode and mobile specific tools
Bitrise Runner
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Utilize Bitrise Platform while running behind your firewall
You can easily rely on your in-house services; your Runner is part of your infrastructure.
Achieve faster build times with the bare metal build environment, granting you the flexibility to pre-install your preferred tools.

Data Center Locations


Northern Virginia
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mac2, mac2-m2, mac2-m2pro




mac2, mac2-m2, mac2-m2pro

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