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Run Bitrise, anywhere

Easily run Bitrise on any machine.


All the power of Bitrise, the leading Mobile DevOps platform, with the flexibility of managing it on your own machine


You set the rules - operate your mobile CI/CD setup with strict security requirements on your own operating machines

Reduced cost

Reduce spending by utilizing the machines you already own

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How will the test work?

We are looking to run two closed betas as a first step with selected sponsor customers.

Bring your own Mac

Keep costs down by setting up and utilizing your local macOS machines. Sponsored customers can expect documentation to ensure the Bitrise macOS agent setup process is easy without a DIY tooling setup.

Mac from cloud provider

Utilize AWS macOS machines with the power of Bitrise. We provide AMIs for all options, with all the mobile DevOps tools installed on virtual machines, from a minimalistic Bitrise macOS agent, to a copy of our existing managed setup.