CSR at Bitrise: Our impact goes beyond mobile apps

At Bitrise, our desire to give back to our communities drives our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts. We support, volunteer, and participate in programs that support our employees, build diversity in tech, help the environment, and address worldwide humanitarian issues.
At Bitrise, we work together to create a better world through donations, DEI-driven sponsorships, and volunteering time.

Diversity in tech

Bitrise stands behind the advancement of women and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields. Every year, we participate in Girls' Day, an initiative by the Association of Hungarian Women in Science, with the goal to encourage young women to pursue a career in technology as an exciting possibility.

Diverse hiring practices are also part of our CSR and diversity initiatives at Bitrise.

Charitable donation

Everyone deserves access to education. As a tech company, one of our goals is to support technological advancement and learning. So, Bitrise donates IT equipment to local charities and other organizations that offer courses to underprivileged students.

Part of our CSR plan involves working with the Tündérpakk Charitable Foundation to provide support for families and children in Hungary.

Carbon footprint offsetting

In a remote working environment, one of the best ways to stay healthy and motivated is with physical activity. At Bitrise, not only do we care about the mental and physical health of our employees, but we also care about the environment and reducing our environmental impact.

Through a virtual event for our employees that promoted walking, and with a donation to EcoMatcher NGO, Bitrise helped to plant an entire forest in South America — which helped to offset our carbon footprint and meet our CSR goals.

Women Who Code donation

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is an ever-changing field, and we are constantly learning, listening, and improving in this area. To further support DEI in the workplace, Bitrise is proud to sponsor the Women Who Code STEM team.

As part of Bitrise’s CSR plan, we donated to the Women Who Code STEM team that creates thousands of hours of educational programming, connects diverse technologists worldwide, and empowers leadership at every level.

Ukraine Donation

As news broke of the horrific Ukrainian war in 2022, our colleagues at Bitrise set up a poll where we chose Age of Hope as a charity partner to support Ukrainian refugees.

We closed a successful fundraising campaign with the end result of donating 11 636 220 HUF ($33,400 USD in total) within 7 days.

Open Minded Company Award

The Open Minded Companies Award rewards the initiatives and results of small and large companies operating in Hungary for workplace diversity, openness, and acceptance. Because of the donation to Age of Hope, Bitrise won the Open Minded Company Award. Bitrise believes in the importance of acting upon its core values.

When the daily lives of tens of thousands of people were threatened, Bitrisers came together to support them. We believe in the development and advancement of broader social strata.

Supporting nonprofit organisations

We support nonprofits, NGOs, charities, and schools by offering them free resources for their Mobile DevOps workflows. We are proud to see the positive impact these organizations are making for a better future.

If you work at a nonprofit and would like some help with your mobile app development, get in touch with us!

Volunteer Life at Bitrise

At Bitrise, we care and we help each other become better. We acknowledge and foster our own social responsibility — and we also understand that embodying our values doesn’t stop when we finish work.

At Bitrise, we encourage employees to give back to their communities. Bitrise employees get 2 days off every year for volunteer work.