Migrating from App Center to Bitrise

Looking for App Center alternatives? Bitrise is the Mobile DevOps platform ensuring confidence, velocity, and continuous improvements across the entire app creation cycle.

The leading mobile devops platform

Migration with no disruption

100k+ developers and mobile teams have migrated over to Bitrise panic-free to start building their mobile apps. If you’re migrating from App Centre, here’s why you should choose Bitrise.

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App Center vs Bitrise

Here are some of the Mobile DevOps features you’ll get, and more, when migrating from App Center to Bitrise.

App Center
Running builds in the cloud
Running builds locally
Running builds in AWS
New Xcode Beta in 24h
Build notifications
20+ notification options including email, Slack, Teams, etc.
Email, Slack
Build artifact and log retention
365 days
90 days
Parallel Testing
Unit Testing
UI Testing
Real Device Testing
Firebase, additional integrations
App Center Test
Code Coverage
Automatic code-signing
Over-the-air (OTA) deployment
Beta testers
App Store / Google Play Releases
Release Management
Dependency Caching
Key-Value Cachig
Docker layer caching
Build and Test Caching
Observability / Insights
Build Insights
Test Insights
Caching Insights
Git Insights / DORA metrics
Utilization Insights
Custom Dashboards

Complete your Mobile DevOps tool suite after migration

Our Mobile DevOps platform provides mobile development teams with what they need, to build quality code, with the tools they chose, while lessening their mental load. Speed up your builds, get first-glance insights, and set up automated releases with these add-ons.

Remote Build Caching

Reduce CI build and test durations by up to 80%+ for applications built with Gradle and Bazel build systems. *Works with any CI/CD provider.

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Bitrise Insights

First glance metrics you just get. *Bitrise Insights holds the badge for the CI/CD monitoring and analytics dashboard with the most extensive feature set in the market. Out-of-the-box ready, it offers an all-encompassing view of your mobile app development processes.

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Release Management

Fast-track your app’s release cycles by automating boring release tasks, gaining transparency across your release processes, and having one centralized hub to manage it all.

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In a recent benchmark, Bitrise Build Cache reduced the build durations of open-source Bazel and Gradle apps by 83% and 72%, respectively.

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How to start building on Bitrise

How to get started

Bitrise supports multiple mobile platforms out of the box: when adding a new app, our project scanner detects your app's platform based on the code. The process of adding the app is slightly different for each platform. To help you through the process, we provide quick start guides for all our supported platforms including iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, and more.

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How to deploy your app

Deployment can mean a number of things on Bitrise: you can deploy your app to test devices, or to bitrise.io, with a public install  page that you can freely distribute so that anyone can test the app; you can deploy your app to a simulator, to conduct UI testing, for example; and of course you can deploy your apps to online stores, such as the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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How to test your app

With Bitrise, testing your app is enabled by default. As testing your app is a major part of the continuous integration process, Bitrise has a number of dedicated Steps to help you with running your tests, and you can use custom Script Steps if you do not find what you need in our Step Library.

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