How much time does a cloud-based CI/CD solution save you?

Assessing the actual impact of a CI/CD platform on your business performance is a complex task. Understanding the main differences between on-premise and cloud-based solutions helps estimate the opportunity gains of going with the right tool.

Time-consuming factors in self-hosted and cloud-based CI/CD platforms

Time-consuming factors in self-hosted and cloud-based CI/CD platforms

Customization and implementation

The implementation of CI/CD can be significantly faster and more customizable for users thanks to the steps and integrations that already exist in cloud-based solutions.

Hardware maintenance

Building proper infrastructure for a self-hosted solution, such as a modern data center, can take months. Hardware also has to be replaced every few years to meet performance and security requirements.

Headcount and hiring

In most cases, self-hosted CI/CD tools come with new hiring needs. Cloud-based services offer a high level of support and onboarding assistance, so you do not have to worry about having to boost your headcount.

Administration and upgrades

Network administration, reporting, and migrating data from the previous platform are all time-consuming tasks, and all make the installation of a self-hosted system a much longer process.

Downtime and fixing issues

In case of an on-premise system, recovering from downtime, backtracking codes, fixing bugs, and other blocks in the CI/CD pipeline mechanics usually require more time, resources, and personnel.

More time for innovation

Using a cloud-based CI/CD solution enables businesses to save time by focusing on core competencies, such as optimizing the product and developing new features. In addition to this, the model shifts the responsibility of hardware and security maintenance from companies to the platform provider.

Increased ROI

Successfully implementing a CI/CD platform brings several direct and indirect revenue gains, such as shorter time to market a product, reduced developer headcount, fewer application failures, and increased app quality. Ultimately, using the right platform will not only result in better apps and app development process, but in a higher return on investment as well.

Extra security features

Cloud-based CI/CD solutions allow customers to have full control over stacks and access management, as well as the option to monitor any and all access within and outside of their environment at all times. Not only does it have a similar level of security as on-premise systems, but it also offers support in code signing, security approvals, and connection setups, too.

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