Bitrise on AWS

Unlock Mobile DevOps on AWS

Bitrise on AWS unites the robust, mobile-first CI orchestration of Bitrise with the security and flexibility of your AWS infrastructure.

Achieve faster and more reliable builds on AWS

Bitrise on AWS streamlines and scales your mobile development on AWS. Reduce the overhead of managing EC2 instances and CI orchestration, and invest more time in crafting standout apps.

Efficient EC2 Utilization

Optimize your EC2 efficiency by autoscaling Linux and macOS instances to match your throughput demands and run multiple builds per instance with Bitrise virtualization.

Managed Virtualization

AMIs for Linux and macOS EC2 bare-metal and VMs eliminate the hassle of managing stacks and tooling, freeing up engineering resources for core development tasks.

CI Reliability & Stability

Bitrise automatically manages macOS instances to proactively prevent common service crashes and slowdowns that are known to occur after prolonged use.

Easy Integration

Seamless compatibility with your existing AWS cloud infrastructure, allowing for a setup time of only minutes.

Cross-Platform Support

Flexible and customizable Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) support both macOS and Linux virtual and bare-metal instances.

Approved Infrastructure

Maximizes your existing AWS investment while allowing simplified billing, vendor management, and procurement processes.

Compliance and Data Sovereignty

Ensures source code remains within your secure AWS environment, satisfying both internal and external requirements.

See Bitrise on AWS in action

With Bitrise on AWS integrated into your plan, you'll be operational in mere minutes. On AWS, just launch EC2 instances using the Bitrise AMI. From there, channel your CI/CD workflows to this fresh AWS instance through the Bitrise Workflow Editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Unity software license when building with the Unity software integration on Bitrise?

Yes, you need to purchase your own license for the Unity software.

How can I install the Unity software integration on Bitrise?

Check out our dev center for a step-by-step guide on installing the Unity software integration, or view our blog.

What happens once I deploy a build?

Your build information is seamlessly integrated, and execution begins instantly.

What if a build is aborted?

Licenses are freed up and ready for the next build, even if there’s a lost connection.

On which Bitrise build platforms can I build with the Unity software integration?

Starter, Teams, Velocity and Enterprise platforms. However, repo size support up to 1 TB is only available on dedicated and private machines.

Get started with Bitrise on AWS

Bitrise on AWS is accessible as a private offer through the AWS Marketplace, offering a more straightforward billing and procurement process for easier budget management and faster deployment.

To get started, contact our team of Mobile DevOps experts.