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Increase the speed and efficiency of your development process. With Insights’ build, test, and credit data, know what to prioritize and optimize your CI/CD workflows.

Bitrise Insights is free until the end of March 2023.

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Bitrise Insights is our monitoring and analytics tool that tracks and reports mobile app build, test, and credit data. With our CI/CD monitoring and analytics tool, teams can make more informed, data-driven decisions to help release more frequently and with confidence. Flaky tests, failed builds? Pinpoint and resolve those issues to reduce how much time your engineers have to wait.
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Diagnose troublesome builds all from one page. Overview is your dashboard that provides a complete overview of CI/CD health trends for your organization’s workspace. It includes key stats on successful build times, build failure rate, total duration of builds, build count, and credit spend.
  • Spot if your builds are getting slower. See the top 5 slowest apps.
  • Click "View details" for negative trends and identify the cause.
  • Monitor your credit consumption.
  • See if your builds are failing more frequently.


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Unblock engineers and optimize workflows. Bottlenecks diagnoses your most troublesome development and deployment workflows by deep diving into build, test, and credit data.

What’s more, you get to see the true impact a workflow or test has with side-by-side displays of time and credit usage. Deep dive into a specific section, drill down into specifics or identify troublesome builds by clicking through to view build details.
  • Pinpoint, and fix, time consuming build failures faster.
  • See which workflows have slowed down and click into key stats to identify the root cause.
  • Identify your most failing, slowing and flaky tests.


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Filter and search data for very specific parts of your CI/CD workflow.

With pinpoint visibility into build, test, and credit data, as well as granular filter options like exact build times for workflows and time duration, troublesome dependencies are not only easy to spot, but directly lead you to where performance is impacted. In addition, our colorful build graphs highlight issues, making it easier to pinpoint inefficiencies and focus your attention.
  • Spot an issue on the workspace level and drill down for root cause specifics.
  • View app or workflow performance at a glance, and track build time and failure rate trends over time.
  • Prioritize most troublesome issues by digging into negative trends, and fixing those fast.
  • Keep tabs on test duration and failure rate trends.
  • Identify your most flaky apps, test suites, and test cases and improve your mobile CI/CD.
Bitrise Insights is free until the end of March 2023. Start for free.
Available to all
Build stability
Build velocity
Build usage
Account, App, Workflow, Branch and Step aggregations
Test performance
Test stability
Flaky test detection
Granular breakdown for detecting root cause
Inspect individual step and test level metrics
Historical trend analysis
30-minute data
latency/ refresh rate
2-year data retention

Unblock engineers. Know what to prioritize. Use data-driven insights.