Weekly Community Roundup: September 18 – October 3

Check out what happened in the Bitrise community in the last two weeks!

Welcome back, everyone! This time, we’re having an extended edition of the Community Roundup due to last week’s Bitrise retreat (or Bitreat, if you will). We basically have everything this week, from blinking build status indicators to some pretty useful articles. Let’s dig in!

Articles of the week

Our first article of the week comes from Ryurock3, who wrote a guide about uploading an app to iTunes Connect using Bitrise. Thanks for putting this together!

令和元年から始めるiOSでbitriseを使ったiTunes Connectのアップロード迄のチュートリアル on @Qiita https://t.co/bWm5DbxrYv— 人は人自分は自分 (@ryurock3) September 25, 2019

Our second one comes from Wada811, who wrote a piece about managing the bitrise.yml when having it in a repository. Amazing work — thanks for this.

bitrise.yml をリポジトリで管理するための Bitrise ワークフロー|wada811 @wada811|note(ノート) https://t.co/jr7iXzU1U6— wada811 (@wada811) October 1, 2019

Hafsal Rahman, who wrote not 1, not 2, but 3 articles about setting up Bitrise and Fastlane for an Android project. That’s some great stuff there, Hafsal. Cheers!

Bitrise + Fastlane with an android project, step by step guide https://t.co/MRjKVyMDAW— hafsalrahman (@hafsal_rahman) September 28, 2019
I just published Bitrise + Fastlane with an android project, step by step. PART 2 https://t.co/lSAllMGi20— hafsalrahman (@hafsal_rahman) September 30, 2019
I just published Bitrise + Fastlane with an android project, step by step. PART 3 https://t.co/yk2SfPhbMV #bitrise #fastlane #android— hafsalrahman (@hafsal_rahman) October 2, 2019

By Anz, who was having a bit of a problem exporting the AdHoc version from the Bitrise Public Install Page on iOS 13 (iPadOS), so he wrote a snippet about solving it. Thanks for this, Anz.

以前iPadでBitriseのインストールページからダウンロードできんやんけ!!とあせった事があったのでwhttps://t.co/MC9whi4o3L— 杏z (@AnzNetJp) September 30, 2019

Next up is Kangyoosam, who wrote about how he solved a problem he had with the "JSONKeyPath: required variable is not present" error. Great work, Kangyoosam!

Bitrise上でgoogle-play-deployに"JSONKeyPath: required variable is not present"と言われた - CxOだって複業できるさhttps://t.co/wWNANczAI0— かん / ワンディー株式会社 VPoE (@kangyoosam) September 23, 2019

We also saw an article by Minami, who wrote about Bitrise + Firebase app distribution with a side of Slack notifications.

Bitrise + Firebase App Distribution でiOSアプリを配布してSlackで通知するまでをまとめました〜https://t.co/wrJthQMktc— みなみ (@xxmmminminmmxx) October 1, 2019

Last but not least, we saw some lovely publications this week: one from Mixi, who released their second tech note (in which they wrote about introducing iOS auto provisioning with Bitrise), one from Yoppiǝ, whose book about Android development included a section about how to set up a CI/CD environment with Bitrise, and one that's not exactly new, but still very impressive: a thesis from Phuc Ho Hong, who wrote about a React Native application with a CI/CD pipeline, and included us as her tool of choice! Thanks, to all of you — you've put together some really wonderful things.

【電子版無料公開中】mixi tech note #02
#技術書典 #推し祭りリターンズ @techbookfest https://t.co/ZjN5UA2aWU— mixi engineers (@mixi_engineers) October 2, 2019
#技術書典 #推し祭りリターンズ @techbookfest



https://t.co/XTSAvWJuao pic.twitter.com/Gpzk0rXVNZ— yoppiǝ (@yoppie_x) October 2, 2019

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet of the week comes from Ch3cooh, who was just thinking about getting started with Bitrise, and noted that the platform seems to be pretty strong. We hope to have you on board soon — let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll help you get started right away.

CI、Bitriseが強いらしいので、手元のアプリのビルドで使ってみようかなぁ…と思ってる— さくさん (@ch3cooh) September 18, 2019

Next up is a tweet from Shunkun, who said Uncle Bitrise is way better than the alternatives. We’re happy to hear so, Shunkun. Cheers!

jenkinsおじさんよりは、bitriseおじさんがよくて、それよりswiftでなにか作る方がしたい()— しゅんくん🐹 (@shunkun_san) September 18, 2019

We also saw a tweet from Moataz Nabil about the swag package he got for contributing to the Writers’ Program. Thank you for your work, Moataz — we’re looking forward to more articles from you.

I got my swag for joining the Writer's Program of @bitrise Thank you guys. pic.twitter.com/lhGdCqKbjj— Moataz Nabil (@Moatazeldebsy) September 21, 2019

Next up is a nice picture of some of the merch Jesse Todisco got from us. We’re glad to hear you like them, Jesse. P.S.: Socks are for your feet, silly.

Thanks for the merch @bitrise! Most of it is going on the fridge 😂 pic.twitter.com/Y9dChW2UxD— Jesse Todisco (@panicattodisco) September 19, 2019

Our next two tweets come from Shai Mishali and Erica Kane, who added some pretty sweet decorations to their offices: our new try Swift! Poster. Seems like this one was a huge hit, too — thanks for sharing these photos, folks!

Decorated my desk with it. Def comes in handy @bitrise pic.twitter.com/LXvDNXJQfG— Erica Kane (@FelWeathers) September 19, 2019

Next up is Tanaka, who gave us a shoutout for providing some great support — it’s always nice to hear that you’re having a great time, and that we can help our users out as effectively as possible. Thanks, Tanaka!

#Bitrise— tanaka @GoogleI/O 2019 (@tanaka_1899) September 20, 2019

Jason Atwood also tweeted about us this week, pointing out a little reminder that we have going on with git usernames. Thanks for sharing this, Jason — we hope these little tricks can make things a bit easier for our users.

Nice little touch from @bitrise. It auto sets git username with a helpful URL on how to actually set values. So when you push anything back you see this nice reminder. pic.twitter.com/CxKxNbQUqu— Jason Atwood (@_tir38) September 20, 2019

Jon Doe shared something very special this week — his setup, which involves a green light that starts blinking upon a successful Bitrise build! That’s awesome, Jon — we’re always glad to see people come up with stuff like this.

@bitrise When build success with bitrise turns into blinking green light... pic.twitter.com/w4LBFOlDUy— Jon Doe (@JonDoe16065504) September 20, 2019

Our next tweet comes from Neonankiti, who just started out with Bitrise, and found it to be pretty easy to understand. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know — we’d love to help out.

初めてのBitrise入門。基本わかりやすいんだけど、deploymentにハマってセットアップに1時間くらいかかってしまった。— 南里勇気 (@neonankiti) September 21, 2019

Next up is a tweet from rollr76518, with the caption “My son is gonna like bitrise!” Wait until he sees Purr Request — keep an eye on your DMs, rollr76518!

My son is gonna like bitrise!@bitrise pic.twitter.com/Hm5KcRcysr— 陳涵宇 (@rollr76518) September 21, 2019

Next is two tweets about our brand-new Bitbot pins, from Tank Lin and Daiki Matsudate. We’re so glad it had such a great reception — for everyone who’s still missing this out of their collection, don’t worry — we’re bringing some for future trips, and may include it in some giveaways, too.

How to looks like a pro?
Get a lit pin from
@Bitrise booth!#iPlayground #bitrise pic.twitter.com/zppDN1kWep— Tank Lin (@tank1005) September 22, 2019
Bitriseに限定版のピンバッジもらった! pic.twitter.com/KSHXkcAvib— Daiki Matsudate (@d_date) September 22, 2019

Katsumi-san also shared a picture of our booth over at iPlayground, talking about how popular our swag is with people. That’s definitely what we were aiming for — thanks for visiting us here as well!

Bitriseはノベルティが人気。 #iPlayground pic.twitter.com/Sa3y49clqk— kishikawa katsumi (@k_katsumi) September 22, 2019

In fact, all the new swag was so popular that the pins ran out pretty fast. iPlayground actually posted a photo of the last one, and with it came one of the cutest tweets of the week from Lai Yan Yu. Hope you had a great time!

Hey! Mom,I’m here— Lai Yan Yu , Jacky (@jackysone_1989) September 23, 2019

Next up is a tweet from Yutaro Muta, who advised Nerd0geek1 to move over to Bitrise after hearing about some Xcode-related troubles he was having with another service. We couldn’t agree more — hope we can have you on board soon!

早くBitriseに移行するのだ— Yutaro Muta (@yutailang0119) September 24, 2019

Pofat also posted a nice picture of our magnet on what seems to be a pretty nice fridge. Happy to hear things are going well with your project, Pofat.

它 Workflow passed, ready to deploy@bitrise pic.twitter.com/OdwvRILk0a— Pofat (@PofatTseng) September 24, 2019

Next is this week’s winner of the “Bitrise is the best” category. We can’t help it, it always cracks us up to see tweets like this. Cheers, h1d3mun3!

あーBitrise最高— h1d3mun3 (@h1d3mun3) September 24, 2019

We’re always happy to see users getting the hang of things so quickly. This week, Kawacho posted about how he now has a full understanding of Bitrise workflows. Here’s to many green builds, Kawacho.

Bitrise workflow と Crashlytics(Fabric) Beta 完全に理解した。 pic.twitter.com/RD331GsArm— かわちょ (@kawacho) September 25, 2019

Next up is ta__ta01, who just started fiddling around with Bitrise, and seems like he enjoys it so much, he already wants to write an article about it. That’s great news — we’d love to have you over in our Writers’ Program, ta__ta01. Let us know when it’s out!

先週から Bitrise (CIツール) をずっと触っていてコーディング何もしてない笑
Bitrise についてめちゃめちゃ詳しくなった気がする。

今度 Bitrise について記事書きたいな😊— やまたつ(25)@Oshidori開発者_Swiftエンジニア (@ta__ta01)
September 26, 2019

Our Writers’ Program wasn’t the only with all the buzz around it, though. Ethanhuang13 and Hokila Jan had a chat about the Speakers’ Program, which we’re really thrilled about. Don’t worry about any requirements — if you feel like you’d like to speak about us any time in the future, sign up, and just let us know when you’re doing it, so we can help you out.

等我下次 CocoaHeads 上去講一場就報名— Hokila Jan (@hokilaJ) September 27, 2019

We also saw a couple of great tweets from Wisdom Nwokocha, who is not only planning to write an article about us, but also recommended us to everyone. In his words: “just try it, and you won’t regret it”. That’s some darn good praise — thanks for all the kind words, and if you’re writing an article, we hope to see you over in our program as well!

yes, just try it and you won't regret it— wisdom nwokocha (@Joklinztech) September 28, 2019
Am writing an article on the importance of the CICD using @bitrise , I really love their product and will recommend it to anybody.💪👏👏👏👏👏👏— wisdom nwokocha (@Joklinztech) September 28, 2019

Hiroky also recommended trying the platform to people, also saying that it’s all pretty amazing. He also shared how he found other solutions to be a hassle compared to Bitrise. Always great to hear, Hiroky.

ちょっとやってみる— hiroky (@hiroky_814)
October 1, 2019
#bitrise#めちゃ楽— hiroky (@hiroky_814) October 1, 2019

Up next is another swag tweet, this time from Alessio Arsuffi. Hope you enjoy all the goodies!

Thank you @bitrise pic.twitter.com/6F6TaKBvil— Alessio Arsuffi (@AlessioArsuffi) October 1, 2019

We should start a “Joke of the week” category in addition to our other regular ones. Here’s this week’s winner, Piyush. You made our day with this.

Why use a ci/cd platform like @bitrise @CircleCI , i can build one myself and dockerize it .

An hour later:
https://t.co/EvFIgIvZLR— Piyush (@kidaa007) October 1, 2019

Next is Mirock0606, who gave us a shoutout for being super easy to work with when it comes to Flutter projects. Glad to hear so, Mirock0606.

Flutter Bitriseと連携するの超簡単だった— mirock0606 (@mirock0606) October 2, 2019

Last but not least, we wanted to share some of the great pictures we saw from our last trip. We also wanted to thank everyone who met with us, and those who came to see us at iPlayground — we had an amazing time. Cheers, folks!

好帥好帥— Bob Chang (@bob910078) September 19, 2019
.@bitrise is in everywhere😂 pic.twitter.com/f6o18X3sl4— Daiki Matsudate (@d_date) September 19, 2019
今日的講者 Hai Feng @NgHuiQin @bitrise @zonble,很熱鬧! pic.twitter.com/l2LDdemQ11— CocoaHeads Taipei (@CocoaHeads_TPE) September 19, 2019
#iPlayground 2019 兩天活動完滿落幕 🎉

以及我負責的四位 Bitrise 猛男
感謝你們,完整了這次 2019!

各位,2020 年見👋
pic.twitter.com/wi3Lg8wtRP— Tank Lin (@tank1005) September 22, 2019

That’s it for this week’s roundup, everyone. If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or join our Writers' and Speakers' programs, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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