Weekly Community Roundup: August 26 – September 4

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community this week!

Another week, another Community Roundup, folks. We saw a ton of amazing articles, as well as some great meetup mentions, recommendations — and even a browser plugin that many of you might find to be useful. Let's see what we have in store for this week, shall we?

Articles of the week

Our first article of the week comes from Khang Dinh, who wrote an article for people who encountered issues during the “Xcode Archive & Export for iOS” step. Thanks for putting this together, Khang.

Next up is an article about Android Gradle Signing with Bitrise, shared on the Memofull blog. We really appreciate it — thanks!

This week, we had the chance to see not one, but two articles in German, put together by Jamit Labs. The first one was about the basics of using Bitrise CI for Android projects, while the second one was a follow-up with a more in-depth look at automation. Happy to see you're on a roll — keep up the good work, folks.

Next up, we have a follow-up to one of the latest articles we saw in the previous weeks, from Kenkono: this time, the piece is about making use of Bitrise’s numbering when rolling out new versions of an app. The article actually comes in both iOS and Android versions (we're talking about React Native, after all). We really appreciate you taking the effort to put another great one together, Kenkono. Cheers!

Our next article comes from Orimomo, who wrote an article for people new to setting up a project in Bitrise. It’s always nice to see our users educating each other — we love it, Orimomo. Thanks!

The next one comes from Hmktsu, who wrote about managing the version name or build number without using Xcode or Android Studio when building a React Native app with Bitrise. Thanks for writing this, Hmktsu.

Next up is an in-depth article about automating iOS app release builds through Bitrise, written by Nakkan_dev. Quite the article — great job!

We also wanted to share three presentations about Bitrise that we saw during the week: one from Yuma Tanaka, who talked about using Bitrise for Flutter projects, one from Kenta Kase about the integration testing of the Fastlane / Gradle plugin, and one from T0m0120, who presented about React Native UI testing using Bitrise. Thanks, to all three of you, both for talking about us, and for sharing these slides.

As a bonus, we also have two presentations from the past few weeks, now in video formats: Nate Ebel’s talk about automating development workflows, and Kyle Newsome’s one about continuous integration. Thanks again to the both of you for talking about Bitrise!

Goodies of the week

This week, Viktor Plézer released quite the thing: an Oh My Zsh plugin for displaying build statuses in tab bars. We thought this could prove to be useful for quite a lot of our users, so we want to extend a special thanks to Viktor for putting this together. You’re awesome!

Tweets of the week

We’ll begin this week with a little compilation of our favorite tweets from the Pixiv App Night event that we attended not so long ago. We saw quite a few posts about people being overjoyed to learn about the platform, as well as being amazed by what other people said about it. Needless to say, we all feel honored to have had such a reception, and we hope to take part in many more events such as this in the future.

Our next tweet comes from Joe Lafiosca, whose get-npm-package-version was just accepted into our step library. We wanted to thank you for this contribution, Joe — we’re really glad to have you on board, and to see you being so enthused about the platform.

Hooray, my @bitrise step get-npm-package-version 1.0.1 was accepted to the step library :) If you want to use your npm package version in your workflow, this step parses it into an env var for you. I'm using it to set my #ReactNative iOS and Android app version strings.— Joe Lafiosca ⚛️🐅 (@joelafiosca) August 27, 2019

Next up is a tweet by PaperKite through which they gave thanks to a couple of folks — amongst which was a mention about them getting to know the merits of using Bitrise, for which, our special thanks go out to Eddie! We’re really happy to hear that you’ve had a nice first impression — let us know if we can be of some sort of assistance.

Our first swag post of the week comes from Paweł Karniej, who shared a photo of the care package he got from us. We’re really happy you like it, Paweł. 🎁

Next up is a recommendation from Karumi: we’re always happy to see other companies being so into Bitrise that they want to share it with others. Cheers!

Dadi Atar also tweeted about us this week, posting a snapshot of our save button with the caption “Awesome save button #ux from @bitrise”. Thanks for the kind words, Dadi.

Next up is a tweet that really brought a smile to our faces: quoting Jaakko Kangasharju, he finds out "about every new Xcode beta release from Bitrise making them available”. This is one achievement that we’re definitely proud to chalk up to the board. Keep up the good work, Jaakko. 🚀

We also wanted to share a couple of tweets that we saw about our currently ongoing Japanese meetings and visits. We always enjoy meeting our users and to see the amazing things they make happen through our platform — we wanted to thank each and every one of you for having us over, and for all the amazing experiences. Cheers!

We have to admit, we definitely like to toy with the thought of every user of ours bursting out in a glorious battle-cry when a green build pops up — but it turns out with Jon Doe, we were actually right. That’s the spirit, Jon. 🦁

Our next one comes from Alex Diakovsky, who also shared a lovely swag picture, and thanked us for simplifying their builds so drastically. Always happy to be of service, Alex — hope you enjoy the goodies we sent.

Sebastian Bolling also snapped a shot of the gift pack he got — don’t forget to rock those stylish socks, Sebastian. 🧦

For a fun little side-by-side, check out this one: Akio shared a comparison image between our IOSDC poster and its real-life counterpart, and it’s pretty rad. We’re glad to see the poster was such a huge success — thanks for posting this, Akio.

We admit, the CI/CD space can be a bit tough, and sometimes, there’s indeed some tough love involved. We’re not quite sure whether there was a background to this, but Ewald Horn gave quite the recommendation for Bitrise — with a side of shade to another solution. Thanks for the shoutout, Ewan — Henk, if you’re up for a platform that’s a bit less troublesome, we’d love to have you on board. 👋

Our last swag tweet of the week comes from Maria Neumayer from over at Deliveroo — the company got quite the shipment, which we're sure they'll make good use of. We really appreciate both your help with getting the package there (it was a doozie), and your love for Bitrise — also, for sharing this awesome picture, Maria. Cheers!  🎉

Last but not least, another compilation: this time, from two events that happened during the week, our second Bitrise User Group meetup (BUG), and the React Native Tokyo meetup, both of which saw a lot of great folks coming around and taking a liking to Bitrise — or learning more about the solution they're already so passionate about. We want to thank everyone for coming, and hope we get the chance to meet you again soon.

UIテストやりたいなーBitriseいいなー #RNTokyo— もるもいた (@molmoit) September 3, 2019

That’s it for this week’s roundup, everyone. If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or submit an article to our Writers' Program, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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