Weekly Community Roundup: April 8–15

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community this week!

Welcome back to another one of our Weekly Community Roundups, everyone. April is already halfway over, but the all the tweets and great articles have not slowed down one bit. Let’s take a look at what’s been happening this last week.

Articles of the week

Our first article of the week comes from Watanave, who wrote a piece about what to do when your API rate limit has been reached when using Carthage with Bitrise (in Japanese). Thanks for the article, Watanave.

Our other article of the week is a guide about getting started with Bitrise, including an example application, published by Bravesoft on their own blog. Amazing work — we really appreciate it.

【お手軽アプリ開発】bitriseの概要と設定例まとめ https://t.co/DsizujEmcq pic.twitter.com/ABjLVgf9KG— 株式会社ブレイブソフト (@bravesoft_inc) April 15, 2019

Goodies of the week

TheAppsPajamas launched their first Bitrise step this week, titled “Bitrise Service Account Key Installer Task Released”. Thanks for putting this together — great job!

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet of the week comes from Narlei Moreia, who was really stoked on the swag he got from us. It wasn't long before Sven-Michael Stübe marveled at how awesome Purr Request was, too. Thanks for the kind words, the both of you.

Narlei also shared two pictures with us this week about some of his favorite Bitrise moments in Delivery Much Brasil's new office. It’s always nice to see how much people are enjoying using the platform, so thanks for these as well.

Next up, we have another set of tweets, this time from André, David Fernandez, and Sier v1.2.0. André was tweeting about getting started with Bitrise, when David and Sier shared what great experiences they’ve had so far with us. Cheers to all of you, and we hope you’re all having a wonderful time with the platform.

Bitrise is starting to become more and more well-known, and we’re really happy to see that. There are even times when people randomly discover us during a tram ride, apparently. Thanks for sharing this with us, Stefanie — it’s amazing to see just how fast word travels around.

Next, we have a tweet from Thibaut Coutard, who held a workshop about Bitrise at BeCom Tech. We hope it went well, Thibaut — cheers!

Our next tweet comes from Shahin, who just decided to switch to Bitrise. Welcome, Shahin — happy building.

HeavenOSK is another one of our new users who just decided to switch due to the slow build times he experienced with other solutions. We wish you many amazing projects for the future, HeavenOSK.

Next up, we have a picture from Jon Doe, with the caption “Bitrise rocks”. We couldn’t agree more — rock on, Jon!

There’s been quite a few t-shirt and hoodie tweets in the past few weeks, so it’s only natural to see someone notice how many people are actually walking around in Bitrise swag. Thanks for sharing, Konifar.

Next, we have a handy tweet from Rockname about clearing your Bitrise build caches, in case you need to. Cheers!

While not expressly a tweet, we felt that Lucas N. and his Instagram post belonged in this section. Lucas had some lovely words to share about us: “I ended up finding a company called @bitrise.io that provides a very image that met all the requirements I needed to perform my activity. I leave here my super thanks to @bitrise.io.” Thank you, Lucas — we’re happy to be of service.

Last but not least, we have another tweet that really made us smile this week. Clock_void wrote about how he thinks Bitrise is an awesome CI solution — so much, in fact, that he even complained about us not being shown as the absolute best one in any search that comes up. We’re on our way there, Clock_void — thank you for your kind words.

As per usual, we want to thank everyone else who talked about Bitrise during the week, in any way, shape, or form. Cheers to all of you, folks!

🚀@hirothings 🚀

🚀@subsub_sabuta99 🚀

🚀@AnzNetJp 🚀

🚀@mxnuelsg 🚀

🚀@hootener 🚀

🚀@naokinkfj 🚀

🚀@comonacojp 🚀

🚀@kenchan0130 🚀

🚀@_mono 🚀

🚀@lucaslbs15 🚀

🚀@PM_Coffee 🚀

🚀@masahide318 🚀

🚀@Horie1024 🚀

🚀@jeanpaulsio 🚀

That’s it for this week, everyone. Thanks again for tuning in — we’ll return next week with a brand new set of highlights, and even more of your tweets, reactions, and comments. See you soon!

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