Feature Request Friday: June 28 – July 19

Check out this roundup of all the feature requests we've received in the past few weeks!

Developing new features for our platform is one of the key ways we can make sure we are giving you the best service possible — and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help. Let’s take a look at all the feature requests that we have received in the past few weeks!

Display build status in the Mac menu bar (CCMenu)

Our first feature request of the week comes from Simon Bucher, who would like Bitrise to have CCmenu support, so there could be an indicator for build statuses in the Mac menu bar.

Abort queued builds from Queued Builds page

Our next request comes from Dominik Roszkowski, who would like the option of being able to cancel/abort queued builds from the Queued Builds page. This would make aborting multiple builds at the same time more convenient for the users, as they wouldn’t have to open up new tabs for each of them.

Organization-wide secrets

Our next request also comes from Dominik — this time, about the introduction of organization-wide secrets, which would come in handy when having a common API key to an external service, for example.

Add support for adding log & other files for Test Reports add-on

Next up, we have a feature request from Piotr Zawadzki, who would like to see the option of uploading log and compressed files for the Test Report add-on. In Piotr’s case, this would mean being able to utilize every asset he gets out of the Android instrumentation tests he’s running, not only the screenshots.

Add support for Playstore internal apps sharing

Next, we have a request from Johannes Braun, who asked for the option to be able to use Playstore internal app sharing within the “Google Play Deploy” step. In Johannes’ case, using Playstore’s internal app sharing instead of other distribution methods would simplify the setup, and make it easier for QA to test their builds.

Public install pages should expire after X days

Our next feature request comes from Jason Atwood, who would like to see public install pages expire after a set number of days. This would be useful when sharing APKs with people outside the company, and would also help with avoiding people accidentally installing older builds.

Ability to change the workflow view from log view to pipeline view

Up next, we have a request from Moataz Nabil, who is looking to change the workflow view to a pipeline-style view, which would display all current builds on a screen for every team involved.

(re)name log files to match test name

Next up, we have another request from Jason Atwood, this time, about renaming log files to match specific test method names. This would make it easier to find a specific log file in the list, even if there is a large number of them involved.

Update Android Library Module Builds to work without APKs

We also saw a feature request from Drew Hamilton, who would like to see a solution for "Android Build for UI Testing" requiring an APK to work, even though Android libraries do not produce APKs. This could be either done by allowing the step to work without them, or including the sending of a dummy APK in case no APKs are found.

Cancel running/queued builds if a pull request build is triggered

Our last feature request of the week comes from Stefan Engel, who would like to be able to automatically cancel running/queued builds in the case of a pull request happening. This would help to avoid two builds with the same commit hash running when there’s a push to a feature branch followed by a pull request, for example.

That’s it for now, folks! Make sure you go and vote on your favorite feature requests to help us see just what it is you'd really want to see on Bitrise. Have any ideas that you haven't seen mentioned? Post them on the feature request page — all you have to do is log into your account, click "New Topic" on the top right corner of the page, and you're good to go! See you in two weeks with a new Feature Request Friday!

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