Outlyer just joined Bitrise

Bitrise acquires Outlyer. Its monitoring technology and team will be the core of our upcoming mobile APM (application performance management) monitoring solution. Read the details here

Last week, we acquired a company. This is why and what it means for you as either a Bitrise or an Outlyer user

Meet Outlyer

Outlyer provides infrastructure monitoring for DevOps and microservices. They do this for an impressive list of customers and have built very robust technology battle tested by some of the world's biggest companies in the process. They have an amazing team, spread out over a London and San Francisco office and several team-members that work remotely.

Outlyer has created a self-service monitoring solution that helps organizations with millions of metrics introduce visibility across services. Their technology is hyper-scalable which makes it a great fit for effectively monitoring millions of app sessions in production and in testing and they have two feet planted firmly in the world of enterprise DevOps. After our acquisition of Outlyer and its technology, their entire team has joined Bitrise and together we'll be expanding Bitrise with application performance monitoring specifically tailored to mobile applications.


Mobile DevOps

Bitrise is a mobile continuous integration and delivery platform, in a world with countless more generic CI/CD platforms for you to choose from. The reason you're on Bitrise is likely to be something we recognized back when we were running a mobile development agency ourselves:

Mobile application development isn't quite like any other form of development out there.

We rely on countless different services and dependencies that are continuously changing under the relentless pace dictate by the latest platform releases. This makes maintaining local open source alternatives a pain and leads to tons of complications that developers would rather not deal with.

With Bitrise, we started tackling this issue for the build, test, release and deploy stages of the DevOps lifecycle. Outlyer is going to allow us to solve the same problem when your application is actually out there on end-user's devices.

Bitrise and Outlyer, going forward

Now that the Outlyer team has joined Bitrise, we're going to take some steps that will impact both Outlyer and Bitrise customers:

We’re going to integrate Outlyer's monitoring technology with Bitrise. In Bitrise, this technology will function as a mobile-specific APM (application performance monitoring) tool that tightly integrates with your mobile development process. Like we've done with technologies and vendors integrated through our step library, the intention here is to offer you this technology as a choice. You'll be able to use our monitoring tech, any of the services we'll be integrating with in the future, or not use Bitrise for your monitoring at all.

Because Outlyer's current platform operates across a range of technologies and our intention is to focus on mobile, we will be sunsetting the Outlyer platform six months from now. Starting today, we will no longer accept new customers on Outlyer. Of course, we will continue supporting existing customers during this period.

As a customer at the receiving end of some of these announcements, I fully appreciate that this is likely to be disruptive for current Outlyer customers. Rest assured that we all aim to make this transition as smooth as possible for everyone impacted, even if the repurposing of Outlyer's technology for mobile monitoring means that we won't be able to support some of the existing use cases for Outlyer once it is integrated with the Bitrise platform.

In closing

Since its founding, the Outlyer team has shared our desire to simply be 'the best place to solve a problem'. It's one of the reasons that this particular pairing makes sense. From here on out,  we're going to continue offering you easy, powerful and scalable ways to build, test, deploy and monitor your apps, together.

This has been an exciting week for us and I hope you share that excitement, but if you have any questions, comments, concerns or opinions you would like to share, please feel free to reach out through email, Twitter, chat or whatever works for you.

For now, happy building and have a great week! 🚀

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