The 2020 online Bitrise events season

We may be on lockdown, but we have plenty of cool events planned for the summer. Check it out!

While the pandemic may have changed the events scene of the industry for good, we’ve got some very exciting plans for this coming summer. Read on to find out where you can meet us online!

Let’s admit it: we absolutely miss going to events. Not only are they the best way to meet our users, but they’re always great fun, and sponsoring our favorite conferences has always been an incredibly rewarding experience. While the current situation may have changed things drastically, we’d still like to keep going with our initiatives for supporting the mobile development community. With this being said, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of all the cool online events we’re sponsoring this summer — and all the Bitrise-related goodness you can look forward to at them.

mDevCamp 2020

mDevCamp is aptly titled the largest conference for mobile developers in Central Europe. It features world-class speakers, in-depth talks, and networking opportunities in a virtual 3D world — something that is very fitting for the circumstances. We are happy to announce that we will be sponsoring this year's event (held between 10-11 June) as one of their Champions (their awesome title for their main sponsors). During this time, we will actually have a virtual partner booth that you can visit — and actually meet us there! In addition to this, we will also be organizing a virtual hands-on workshop on 12 June, 17:00 CET, during which our colleague, Colin Hemmings, will be talking about our Trace product. You’ll also be able to find the booth and the workshop as promoted parts of the conference program, so you definitely won’t miss it — hope to see you there!

try!Swift World 2020

try!Swift World is a set of personal online workshops led by Swift developers around the world, meant to keep the worldwide Swift community connected around the latest in Swift Development. We are sponsoring six workshops at the conference this year, spread out over multiple weeks, with one happening each week. The first confirmed one we can share is titled “Let's build clone: an introduction to UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout”, and will be held by Kishikawa Katsumi on Thursday, 28 May, between 12 and 2 AM, CEST.

We believe that the power of community and helping others is always something to strive for, so we have also decided to support both the Hardship and the Diversity initiatives of try!Swift, hoping to give everyone a chance to participate in their preferred workshops by giving out 10-10 tickets to scholarship applicants.

We are also excited to take part in the party organized by try!Swift during WWDC 2020 — where we will be holding a 5-minute lightning talk, and will have a special Bitrise breakout room as well, where you can ask any questions you might have for us.

droidcon Online

Droidcon Online, a new virtual community event series, is aimed at nurturing the Android community and creating a safe and fun space for everyone to interact and exchange ideas and information in. As part of the Hands-On & In-Depth webinar series (held on 25 June, 23 July, and 24 September) we will be holding a talk on the last one, on 24 September. Each of these series consist of multiple webinars to give you in-depth insights and hands-on learning experiences with experts. This particular one will provide a hands-on and in-depth look at topics such as tooling, security, CI/CD, testing, design, and more. Our talk will be a shorter version of our colleague, Tamás Bazsonyi’s talk on fanning out builds and testing for Android projects, the topic of his upcoming Deep Dive talk.

Hacking With Swift: Live!

Hacking With Swift: Live! is an online iOS event covering everything new from WWDC20, plus a variety of core skills and techniques, all packed into four days of learning. The conference's goal is to bring people together from around the world to learn, network, make friends, and share their love of programming. As huge fans of the Hacking With Swift events, we will be sponsoring the online version as well, which you will be able to attend on July 13-16.

Kotliners 2020

Kotliners 2020 aims to be the designated meeting point for Kotliners all around the globe, to share knowledge, experiences, and the love of Kotlin. All of their speakers are experts, who will discuss both present and future of the Kotlin ecosystem at this event. While we're not specifically sponsoring Kotliners 2020, we are actively supporting and promoting them, so we thought we'd give them a shoutout here as well. Check them out if you're interested!

Which events are you planning on attending in this unique, online 2020 summer season? Do you have any favorites from the ones we listed above? Let us know through our social channels! Hope to see you all soon at one of these conferences, folks.

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