We’re coming to Tokyo!

Early November, we’ll spend a week in Tokyo visiting devs, speaking at a (free) event and preparing for some exciting new initiatives for our Japanese audience. Find out how to participate!

Early November, we’ll spend a week in Tokyo visiting devs, speaking at a (free) event and preparing for some exciting new initiatives for our Japanese audience. Find out how to participate!

Bitrise and Japan go way back. Out of our first 50 registrations, more than 10 were Japanese developers. In the following years, our Japanese audience has been one of our most vocal, talking and writing about Bitrise continuously and integrating our platform in the workflows of hundreds of startups, enterprise companies, app agencies and more.

This November, we’ll start upping our commitment to this group of developers that have treated us so exceptionally well. We’ll do this by introducing a series of new initiatives aimed specifically at Japan which we’ll announce next month AND we’re coming to Tokyo!

Meet Bitrise at DeNA’s CI/CD Test Night 🌃

One of the main reasons for our visit was an invitation from our good friends at DeNA. We’ll be presenting keynote talks at two consecutive CI/CD Test Night events on November 7th and November 8th. Both evenings will feature unique talks by our CTO and co-founder Viktor Benei, joined by our VP of Growth Hendrik Haandrikman:

Join us on night 1 for the story of how we went from being an app agency to building Bitrise, followed by a beginners guide to using Bitrise to automate your mobile app integration, test and delivery pipeline. You'll learn about how/why Bitrise came to be and you'll be able to set up a CICD process for your mobile application. This 45-minute keynote is followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

Join us on night 2 for something different. Fortune 500 companies, unicorn startups and some of Japan's biggest app developers use Bitrise to build their apps. During this day 2 keynote, we'll share some insights and best practices we've gleaned from millions of mobile app builds. You'll learn how to take your Bitrise workflow to the next level with some practical tips and advice. Following this talk, we'll host 10 minutes of Q&A before announcing some new Bitrise initiatives specifically for the Japanese developer community.

Night 2 also features a talk by the good people of Deploygate, which you’ll know from their recent Bitrise integration and an excellent deployment tutorial now live in our Devcenter.

You can enter the lottery for a free seat at these events at Conpass:

Both evenings feature a different lineup of speakers and different content. We’ll have some very cool Bitrise swag for both evenings and if you’re lucky enough to attend both days, we’ll present you with something extra-extra special!

Bitrise Customer Roadshow

We’ll be visiting Tokyo from November 4th to the 10th. During those days, we want to meet you: Developers building on Bitrise. We’ve set up meetings with some of the amazing companies using Bitrise to build awesome apps, but we still have a few open slots. Do you use  Bitrise in a team of developers and would you like to talk with CTO Viktor Benei about:

  • How Bitrise fits into your workflow
  • What you like and what needs improvement
  • Our roadmap
  • The weather

Use the scheduling app here to secure a slot. As we’re traveling, we’d like to visit your offices for the meeting and when scheduling a meeting through the app, you’ll be able to check the option to have an interpreter present: Our Japanese isn’t great, unfortunately 😊

Help us localize, get a t-shirt 🇯🇵

As part of our commitment to the community, we’ll be localising a good chunk of Bitrise into Japanese. There’s a bit of a challenge involved, though. Turns out, most translators have zero understanding of app development, which leads to translations that don’t actually do what they’re supposed to: Help Japanese users on Bitrise. That’s where (hopefully), you come in:

Over the coming weeks, we hope some of our Japanese users will assist us in localizing a section of our devcenter and some of the pages, most critical to understanding how and why to use Bitrise. Hub of these efforts is a Github repo set up specifically for this purpose. You can find that repo here: https://github.com/bitrise-io/devcenter/tree/master/_articles/translations

If you contribute 5 or more paragraphs of quality text to the effort - either through one PR of 5 paragraphs or 5 PR’s of one paragraph each - , we will send you a limited edition Bitrise t-shirt as a thank you for helping us out. This will be a t-shirt reserved for Bitrise contributors, so not something you’ll be able to get by attending an event or just asking nicely. You’ll be the envy of all your friends!

Also, whatever you contribute, you’ll receive our eternal gratitude, which is worth far more than a t-shirt, isn’t it? 😜

That’s all for now. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be updating you on our plans and efforts through the blog, Twitter and the rest of our social channels.

See you in Tokyo! 🛫

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