Weekly Community Roundup: March 4–11

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community this week!

Welcome back to another round of our community highlights, everyone! Week after week, we see more and more of you take to social platforms and share your love of Bitrise, and it warms our heart each and every time. We’ve had quite a few tweets this week, as well as a couple of articles. Let’s dig in!

Articles of the week

Our first (Japanese) article of the week comes from Jungo Takagi, who wrote about registering your secret keys with Bitrise. Amazing work, Jungo!

Next up, we have a (Japanese) article from Yuki Yoshioka, who wrote a piece about automatically setting the build number in Fastlane, while using Bitrise. Thanks, Yuki!

We also saw another (Japanese) article from KazaKago about running Bitrise’s workflow from Slack. Cheers, Kazakago!

Atsushi Jike also wrote a (Japanese) article about using Bitrise’s Deploy to iTunes Connect step. Thanks, Atsushi!

Last but not least, Pixiv’s Kawazure Kazumasa has written an in-depth piece (in Japanese) about how Pixiv uses Bitrise, and what kind of impact it had in the last year. We thank you again for the continued collaboration and kind words, Kawazure!

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet of the week comes from Toshi_586014, who wants us to come and visit him. We can’t promise to drop by your house, but if you’re around Tokyo next week, we would love to get the chance to meet you!

Our next tweet comes from Mateusz Szklarek, who just started working on his first commercial project in Flutter — all with the help of Bitrise. Keep it up, Mateusz!

Next up, we have a tweet from Naokinkfj, who praised Bitrise for saving so much time for developers, whether it’s iOS or Android. Thanks for the kind words!

Our next tweet features a little something we did to showcase all the amazing job listings we have for people. Kody Van Ry really liked what we did there. Can you find where he got this from (hint: check our website)?

Next, we have Dev_shun, who expressed just how much he likes Bitrise. Thanks, Dev_shun!

We also saw a tweet about our Dev Center’s Japanese localization. As many of you may know, we now have a significant portion of the Bitrise Dev Center localized into Japanese. Many thanks for everyone who helped us achieve this, and many thanks to Keidroid for tweeting about it!

Next up, we have not one, not two, but there tweets from Yusuke Kita! His first tweet is about the Codecov project he successfully set up with Bitrise; the second one is about the “Bitrise weekend” he had, creating 4 pull requests; and the third one is about how he went deep into just how Bitrise works, and thinks that we provide a handy way to create pull requests. We have to admit, Yusuke, your enthusiasm amazes us — thank you so much!

This week had a ‘recommendation-conversation’ as well. Miguel Beltran was talking about a project he was working on, when Ivan Morgillo suggested Bitrise. Jean Mainguy agreed with him wholeheartedly, but he wasn’t alone — Miguel came back with the response “I’m convincing my clients to setup CI, and Bitrise is always my top option :-)”. We are overjoyed to see this many people have such love for our platform — thank you, all of you!

Next up, we have Piyush, who has been in our last roundup as well - he shared his success with us, and wrote “After writing code for 3-4 hours straight, nobody want to create builds manually”. We can only agree with you, Piyush — thanks for the shoutout!

We also had John Coates, the developer of the app Flex, tweet about Bitrise. As it turns out, John is now using Bitrise to deploy the beta version of the app — we’re happy we can be of assistance, John!

Sometimes, when you’re sick, you just want to stay home, grab a blanket, maybe some soup… and Bitrise, of course. Sebastien Audeon spent his sick day designing some sick automation using our platform. We hope you’re feeling better, Sebastien!

Even if you’re the best mobile CI/CD tool around, sometimes, things get a bit jumbled up. Cory Smith spotted some of the cute artwork we have on our Internal Server Error page, and decided to share it with the world — we’re glad you appreciate it, Cory! Hope everything went well after this!

We’ll always cherish the moments when we can see someone happy about running their first successful build. Great job, Umisuika — keep up the good work!

Oliver Binns, a developer working on Little Journey, also tried Bitrise this week, after hearing the Swift By Sundell podcast’s recommendations. We’re thankful to be able to help your team develop such a heartwarming and much-needed app, Oliver!

We also saw a huge number of tweets this week about two upcoming meetups that we'll attend during our Tokyo trip: Potatotips, and Cookpad. Thank you, Shogo Yamada, and Giginet, for sharing these, and inviting people to the meetups — and we thank everyone else who shared the events, as well!

As a farewell, we want to express our gratitude to all the people who have mentioned Bitrise in any way during this week. Thanks, everyone!

🚀@matsuu_zatsu 🚀

🚀@jpmartha_jp 🚀

🚀@SignallUS 🚀







🚀@agisilaosts 🚀

🚀@_kzumu 🚀

🚀@elkholeel 🚀

🚀@Horie1024 🚀

🚀@tokorom 🚀

🚀@fromkk 🚀

🚀@nobuyama818 🚀

🚀@okarina711 🚀

🚀@slightair 🚀

🚀@cp_tokyo_events 🚀

🚀@ksfee684 🚀

🚀@hiragram 🚀

🚀@chibatching 🚀

🚀@koba_dog_ 🚀

🚀@MitsutakaTakeda 🚀

🚀@mitsuse_t 🚀

🚀@n_atmark 🚀

That’s it for this week’s roundup, folks! Next week is going to be pretty exciting with our Tokyo visit — be sure to tune in for our next Weekly Community Roundup as well to get the full scoop!

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