Weekly Community Roundup: March 25 – April 1

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community this week!

Welcome back to another one of our Weekly Community Roundups, everyone. The second week of our Tokyo visit is now finally over, and it’s safe to say it was one of our busiest weeks ever. Let’s take a look at what’s been going on!

Articles of the week

Our first article of the week comes from Guillermo Culkin, and is titled "Branching Model for iOS development. Continuous Integration with Bitrise". Thanks for the piece, Guillermo!

Our next article comes from Mehmed Mert, who wrote an article about "Getting Build Status for Merge Requests on GitLab with Bitrise & Other CI Tools". Amazing work, Mehmed — thanks!

Android Daily also mentioned Bitrise this week, in the form of our Careem Customer Success Story. Thanks — we appreciate it!

We also saw a couple of decks from the meetups that were happening in Tokyo this last week. Give it up for SlightAir’s deck titled “CI/CD for mobile apps at Cookpad” from the Cookpad meetup, Hiroki Matsue’sOptimize Flutter Workflow” on Bitrise from the Flutter meetup, Muuki’s deck titled “Thoughts about build flow” from the Eureka meetup, John Estropia’s deck titled “Making an Efficient Deploy Bot” from the Eureka meetup, and Yhkaplan's "Speeding Up Your CI" deck from the Eureka meetup as well. Thank you all for your amazing presentations!

Goodies of the week

Pedro Gomez shared a script he made for starting an Android emulator ready for screenshot testing. Thanks for sharing this, Pedro! Good stuff!

Marcin Stachniuk also shared something interesting: an example project on how he used ShipKit and Bitrise together. Thanks, Marcin!

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet of the week comes from Tsuyoshi Chujo, who pointed out how multifunctional and reliable a tool Bitrise was in a discussion. Cheers, Tsuyoshi!

Next up, we have a tweet from Alberto De Bortoli, a regular in our highlights, by now. Alberto elaborated on how thankful he is that tools such as Bitrise are there to help out custom CI needs. You can always count on us, Alberto!

Our next tweet comes from Shogo Yamada, who shared how awesome our Firebase device testing capabilities are. Cheers, Shogo!

We also saw a tweet from Tasshy, who thought it was remarkable that we already rolled out Xcode 10.2 to our build environment. Tasshy wasn’t alone, either - Yumatan8 also marveled at how fast our reaction was to the release of the new build. Thanks, the both of you — we’re happy to be of service!

Marcus Gotling also shared his recent experiences with Bitrise, emphasizing that our free service was a lot of help when it came to overcoming his problems with App Store (and his Mac). Cheers, Marcus!

Kenichi Kambara was one of our most vocal fans about our presence at the Flutter meetup — he even posted a picture about our presentation, as well as some nice thoughts about how great a time he had meeting us. Thank you a lot for your kind words, Kenichi — we hope to see you again soon!

Next up, we have a two tweets, one from Taihei Mishima, and the other one from ChokoGtr, who got inspired from what they saw at the Flutter meeting, and decided to try Bitrise with Flutter. We’re always thrilled to have people see new opportunities in our platform — cheers, guys!

iOSでしかBitrise使ったことなかったし, 今度Bitrise×fastlaneでFlutterのCIやってみよかな.
#flutter_meetup_tokyo— Taihei Mishima / Engineer (@tihimsm) March 26, 2019

Our next tweet is a really special one — it’s Unicum! Rui Kowase shared a picture of the sweet, sweet liquor we brought to Japan to surprise our customers. Bottoms up, Rui!

Keith Yokoma also tweeted about the Unicum we brought, saying how we’re constantly bringing booze for him. Don’t worry, Keith — we’ll keep our good habit of doing so, and will bring you some again, next time. Cheers!

Next up, we have a tweet from Yumemi, who shared how amazing the study session led by Viktor Hadfaludi and Tamás Bazsonyi was. We’re glad you liked it!

Tzr250rs94s said something really interesting this week — that he thinks Bitrise is slowly but steadily becoming a household name in Japan. The thought of that really warms our hearts, so thanks a lot for sharing this!

We also saw a tweet from our friends at pixiv, who took an awesome photo while showing off our brand-new poster, made by the incredibly talented Rariatoo. We’re glad you liked it, guys!

Next up, we have an interesting turn of events in what started out as a simple question: Bitrise or Codemagic? Takuchalle was looking to start working with either one of the platforms, but after seeing our reply to his tweet, he got the Bitrise fever. Welcome on board, Takuchalle!

Our top secret plans for the introduction of a Performance Plan were received very well while we were in Japan — some of our fans, like Yuya Kitano, even tweeted about how awesome an idea it was. Cheers, Yuya!

We have some throwbacks from last week as well: Kim Jung shared the Uncle Bitrise t-shirts that were such a hit in Tokyo, and he wasn’t alone, either. K191, Pkpcarnage, and others also shared how much they liked our swag, whether it was the t-shirts or the posters. Thanks, folks!

We'll end this roundup with another great tweet, this time, from Swiz_Ard, who loves the fact it really only takes about 5 minutes to set up Bitrise, and then you’re ready to roll. Glad you like the platform so much — cheers!

This week wouldn't be complete without a list of all the other people who mentioned us in any way, shape, or form, of course. This week's list is an especially long one, and we want to make sure that you all know how much we appreciate your kind words. Thanks, everyone!

🎉 @_kwzr_ 🎉

🎉 @giginet 🎉

🎉 @satoshin21

🎉 @chieest 🎉

🎉 @FlutterTokyo 🎉

🎉 @ha_hagawa 🎉

🎉 @de_kichi 🎉

🎉 @phicdy 🎉

🎉 @arara_jp 🎉

🎉 @wakwak3125 🎉

🎉 @opsmatters_uk 🎉

🎉 @darkoXVII 🎉

🎉 @PM_Coffee 🎉

🎉 @tarappo 🎉

🎉 @bencebertalanit 🎉

🎉 @swchrm 🎉

🎉 @sabiiou 🎉

🎉 @mn_D128 🎉

🎉 @hirothings 🎉

🎉 @yzkiyuto 🎉

🎉 @zyundamochi_080 🎉

🎉 @new_runnable 🎉

🎉 @qt_luigi 🎉

🎉 @ito_nozomi 🎉

🎉 @the_uhooi 🎉

🎉 @SergioMarqMoura 🎉

🎉 @h4x0r1 🎉

🎉 @tazakeeeeeeee 🎉

🎉 @coffeegyunyu 🎉

🎉 @renchild8 🎉

🎉 @nano2_aloerina 🎉

🎉 @tokorom 🎉

🎉@aya_eiya 🎉

🎉@rikusouda 🎉

🎉 @jpmartha_jp 🎉

🎉 @seijin4486 🎉

🎉 @freak4pc 🎉

That’s it for this week, folks. Thanks again for tuning — we’ll return next week with a brand new set of highlights, and even more of your tweets, reactions, and comments. See you soon!

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