Weekly Community Roundup: July 17 – 24

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community this week!

Welcome back to another one of our Community Roundups, everyone. This week, we saw a staggering 7 articles about Bitrise, out of which 3 were submissions to our new Writers' Program. We also had some pretty long threads with multiple recommendations, and some fun other tweets as well — let's take a look!

Articles of the week

Our first article of the week comes from Taihei Mishima, who wrote about automating dSYM uploads through Bitrise (in Japanese). Thanks for another great article, Taihei.

https://t.co/oxHtrlqetp #Qiita— Taihei Mishima / Engineer (@tihimsm) July 16, 2019

Next up, we have Paula Bechetti’s piece about promoting teamwork through the use of Bitrise (in Spanish). We really appreciate you writing such an article, Paula — cheers!

Our next article comes from Koji Wakamiya, who talked about using Bitrise when it comes to Flutter projects (in Japanese). Thanks, Koji — great stuff.

Next, we have an article about managing Git submodules with GitHub and Bitrise from Viktor Plézer. Thank you for all the work you put into this, Viktor — this is amazing!

We also saw an article from Piotr Zadawki, titled “Using Bitrise Continuous Integration for Android UI tests”. Thanks for this, Piotr!

Our next piece comes from Ferdinand Redelinghuys, who wrote about how easy it is to get started with mobile CI/CD with the help of Bitrise. Great job, Ferdinand!

Last but not least, we have an article titled “How Bitrise helps me with app deployment”, written by Matteo Danelli. Thank you for the piece, Matteo — we really appreciate it.

Tweets of the week

Our first tweet of the week comes from D/S, who gave us a huge shoutout for being “pretty sweet". Thanks for recommending us to others, D/S!

Next up, we have both a tweet about Sam Debruyn from 3factr, and a tweet from Sam himself. We’re so happy to see both pictures and the deck from the presentation: to the folks over at 3factr, thanks for sharing this! Oh, and Sam — we love your enthusiasm, and for the record, that’s one hell of a t-shirt. 😉

.@bitrise will soon provide Xamarin Xcode 11 preview stacks! Such an awesome company 😁 pic.twitter.com/K7AGgGd9K0— Sam (@s_debruyn) July 19, 2019

Our next tweet comes from Ludovic Laffineur, who shared just how easy it was to set up a Flutter project through Bitrise. We’re glad it went so well, Ludovic — let us know how things are going so far!

Next, we have a tweet from Keiichi Inoue, who also talked about his experiences with just getting started with Bitrise. It looks like it only took Keiichi 15 minutes to set up an OSX build environment for his personal projects through the platform — we’re really happy to hear so, Keiichi. We wish you many green builds to come.

Our next one is actually quite a long thread that originated at Max Howell’s tweet about some uncomfortable factors when it comes to certain other CI/CD solutions. In response to this, our good friend, John Sundell, shared his thoughts on why he loves Bitrise, and he was joined by a good few people. David Beck, Dmytro Bohachevskyy, Mukesh Thawani, Nikolaï Roycourt, Stefan Herold, and Jonas-Taha El Sesiy all joined him in talking about the benefits of using the platform, and what a great time they’re having with it — we want to thank each and every one of you, folks. Cheers!

For our next tweet, we have yet another thread: this time, it started by Curtis Herbert tweeting about his plans for setting up build automation, and the things he heard about potential solutions, including Bitrise. Ethan Gill, Jeff Watkins, Bryan Clark, and Kyle Bashour all commented on the post about why Bitrise is the perfect option, and we’re really grateful about that — we want to thank all of you for being so enthusiastic, and for recommending us to others!

We use Bitrise at Khan Academy and absolutely love it.— Bryan Clark (@bryanjclark) July 20, 2019

Next up, we have a tweet from Vladimir Jovanović, according to whom, "Bitrise is by far the easiest CI tool for Android development". We're thrilled to hear you had such an amazing experience — happy building, Vladimir.

Our next tweet comes from Takahiro Suzuki, who tweeted about getting his Bitrise t-shirt recognized — of all the places, while voting! We’re glad we could contribute to your voting experience, Takahiro. Looks like those t-shirts are getting to be pretty popular.

Next, we have a tweet from Piyush, who shared a picture of his setup as well as the workflow he was working on. Looking forward to hearing more about your projects, Piyush!

Last but not least, we have an Instagram post from Chris.pf, who shared his setup with us while he was waiting for some builds to finish. Hope it was all green, Chris!

That’s it for this week’s roundup, everyone. If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or submit an article to our Writers' Program, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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