Weekly Community Roundup: January 21–28

Check out what happened during this week in the Bitrise community!

Bitrise was truly the talk of the town this week. In addition to all the reactions to our Flutter CI announcement, we saw a good number of people posting their progress and current projects on social media, and we could not have been happier about it. Keep it coming, everyone: we are always thrilled to hear just how much fun you’re having with Bitrise!

Tweets of the week

We'll start this week with one of our enthusiastic Japanese fans, Nnsnodnb, who expressed his love for Bitrise in a brief but heartfelt tweet.

We saw a similar tweet from one of our followers in Florida, Michael Leatherbury — thanks, both of you! We love you too (...in a strictly platonic way, of course)! 💜

First impressions are always important, which is why we’re so glad we made a really good one on Kubiogon, who thinks the platform looks amazing. Thanks, Kubiogon! 🙏

Bitrise良さげだなー— クビゴン (@kubiogon) January 22, 2019

Next up, we have Skycat, who was experimenting with our new Flutter CI at the time of this tweet. Hope you had fun! 😺

BitriseのFlutter CIも試してみよ— skycat (@skycat_me) January 25, 2019

After hearing about our Flutter CI announcement through our new, Japanese Twitter handle, Kuronekomichael excitedly invited us to visit Fukuoka — we would love to see you too, Michael! We're still working on our trip to Tokyo, but who knows what the future might hold. 😉

We were also mentioned by Kristaps Grinbergs, who uses Bitrise on a regular basis for building and pushing his projects to Testflight. Thank you for the kind word, Kristaps!

Coffee breaks are lifesavers, we’re very much aware of that — it was nice to see one of our fans, Viktor Nyblam, grabbing one while Bitrise was working its magic. ☕️

Green builds… green builds everywhere! That’s what we like to hear, Gokhan! Keep it up! ✅

Last but not least, we have a tweet that involves our own Tamás Papik! Edouard Marquez was kind enough to let us know about a bug in our new Flutter CI, and not two hours later — in the middle of the night — Tamás was done fixing it. Now this is what we call perfect user-developer communication... and one hell of a bugfix! 💪

Huge thanks to all of our followers who shared, retweeted, posted, or interacted with our Flutter CI announcement in any way. We are incredibly happy that so many of you were this excited over the news. A special thanks goes out to FlutterDev, Jason Choo, Dart Hype, Ruchika, and Tim Sneath. You're the best!

Article of the week

This week, we saw an article mentioning Bitrise, in the form of Andrew Lord’s piece, "Adding Continuous Integration to your Android project". He lists us as one of his main choices, especially when looking for mobile CI/CD — thank you for your kind words, Andrew! ✏️

We were also happy to be included in two news publications during this week: in this week's Flutter Weekly News, and issue 52 of Android Gadashi (Japanese). Much appreciated! 🗞

And that wraps up our second weekly roundup! Hope you enjoyed these bits and pieces as much as we have. Don’t forget to follow us on our social channels and share your thoughts about Bitrise. See you next week!

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