Weekly Community Roundup: February 11–18

Check out what's been going on this week in the Bitrise community!

Welcome to another round of our community highlights, everyone! This week, we’ve had a couple of app releases, article mentions, and a whole lot of recommendations, so let’s get started, and see just what’s been the word around town.

Apps of the week

We'll start this week's roundup with two apps: the first one is called Upboard, which is a board game companion app built in Flutter, made by Kamil Powalowski. Kamil shared just how much using Bitrise has helped with the development of the app — great job, Kamil! We're happy to see you're making good use of the platform.

An other app release this week was the Flutter version of the Penmark, an app for providing information about student life, academics, and job opportunities for the students of Keio University, in Tokyo. Creator Ogiwara used Bitrise to automate the development process and we're glad to have been of help.

Articles of the week

We’ve had quite a few articles mentioning Bitrise this week: in addition to our Buffer Customer Success Story being shared in #iOSDev News, we saw three in-length pieces as well, all of which were written in Japanese.

The first one was an article on Qiita about running multiple workflows for one trigger on Bitrise, written by Kariad. Thanks for sharing this, Kariad!

We also saw a piece about how Zaim uses CI/CD for developing the iOS version of their application, with a special emphasis on Bitrise. Thank you for this — we really appreciate it!

Zozo's Arai also published an article about how their iOS team's workflow is built up, and how Bitrise fits into it. We're happy we can be of assistance — keep up the good work!

Tweets of the week

This week’s first tweet comes from Kaki4062, one of our Japanese users, who shared just how much fun he’s having with Bitrise. Thanks, Kaki4062!

Our next tweet comes from Michael Stingl, who shared a feature request he submitted on our page. Thanks, Michael - don’t forget to check out all the other great requests of the past two weeks over in our new bi-weekly roundup!

We also saw a tweet from Alexander Goida, who mentioned just how cost-effective Bitrise is when solving the problem of testing on real mobile devices. Cheers, Alexander!

Next up is Jenna Robinson, who submitted 3 talks to @ChainReactConf, hoping to spread the good word of all the tools she likes the most - including Bitrise! Thanks, Jenna - we hope you’ll get the chance to share all your experiences!

Ryo Kosuge went through the notions of trying, getting used to, and getting to love Bitrise, all under a day. We think this is a perfect example of how easy it is to get into Bitrise - thanks for sharing your journey, Ryo!

Yamoridon was another one of our users who got a lot closer to fully mastering Bitrise this week - we’re happy to see you’re having fun, Yamoridon!

Kacper Dziubek shared his fresh experiences with getting started with Bitrise, and he likes it a lot so far. Kacper posted this tweet in response to last week’s episode of the Swift by Sundell podcast, which Bitrise was a sponsor for.

Next up is codenote_net, who read the aforementioned article on Zozo, and realised that Bitrise is exactly what he was looking for. We wish you many green builds!

Next up, we have a conversation, started by Sebastian Lorber’s question about an affordable CI option for mobile apps. Jean Regisser was the first to recommend us, and was soon followed by Badr, Derek Barrera, and William Candillion, all agreeing that Bitrise is the way to go. Thank you - it means a lot to us that we have so many great developers who are eager to recommend our platform to others.

We also saw a tweet from Giiiiita_7, who said he was really happy about being able to play around with Bitrise. Cheers, Giiiiita_7!

Last but not least, Seph_Joe tweeted about just how easy Bitrise is to set up, and about how much he recommends giving us a try. Thanks, Joe - we appreciate it!

That's it for this week, everyone! We'll be back next time with even more community highlights, and more of your awesome comments. See you next week!

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