Tokyo CICD Test Night: The Week After

Bitrise went to Tokyo! As part of the trip, Bitrise CTO Viktor Benei and VP of Growth Hendrik Haandrikman gave talks at DeNA’s CICD Test Night events. Here, you’ll find a recap plus some links to related resources.

Bitrise went to Tokyo! As part of the trip, Bitrise CTO Viktor Benei and VP of Growth Hendrik Haandrikman gave talks at DeNA’s CICD Test Night events. Here, you’ll find a recap plus some links to related resources.

We’re back! After an amazing week in Tokyo (which we’ll fully recap a bit later), we’re at Bitrise HQ digesting a ton of feedback, plus enjoying some of the snacks we took back (thanks again, @hisa9chi!). One of the highlights of the week was definitely the 2-night CICD Test Night event hosted by DeNA at DeNA HQ. Even though most of it is in Japanese, I’d still like to share a quick recap of the proceedings, accompanied by the videos and the presentations of the evening. If anything, the keynotes hosted by our CTO Viktor Benei and myself will provide you with some insights into our roadmap, plus if you understand Japanese you’re really in for a treat as the quality of the other speakers was outstanding.

Some of the Tokyo-trip swag we brought along with us - photo taken by DeNA's Kyusaku Mihara
Some of the Tokyo-trip swag we brought along with us - photo taken by DeNA's Kyusaku Mihara

CICD Test Night #1

First of all, you can actually watch the entire proceedings on YouTube.

The talk by Viktor and me is in English (our Japanese is a bit rusty), but the rest of the talks could be a bit of a challenge. Below, we’ll provide a (short) description of each talk, plus a link to the decks, though. You might be able to make some sense of it anyway 😉

Also, find recaps from other attendees here and here.

Bitrise: Workflows, Integrations and More

In this 1-hour keynote talk, we explained some of Bitrise’s origin story (did you know we used to be an app development agency?), plus gave some tips and tricks for starters.

Hisashi Iguchi: Bitrise の社内提供へ

In his presentation, Hiashi Iguchi (@hisa9chi) from DeNA’s SWET team talked about how and why this team now uses Bitrise. Includes some nice insights into using Bitrise together with Github Enterprise and some comments on how fast we tend to update to new Xcode versions.

Kyusaku Mihara:bitcode を有効にしたアプリでも dSYM のアップロードを自動化する

Kyusaku Mihara (@qmihara) shared a great example of Bitrise’s “automate everything” mantra with a talk about automatically uploading dSYM for applications that have bitcode enabled.

Hiroshi Shikata:ゼロからはじめない方がいい iOSアプリのビルドシステム構築

Couldn’t actually find a deck for this talk by Hiroshi Shikata (@dotrikun), but it took us for a ride in the wayback machine all the way to the year 2013 and his exploits in creating an iOS build system the hard way.

Kishikawa Katsumi:Track Everything -すべてをGitHub/Bitriseで追跡可能にする-

If you’re into automating and tracking your app development and -deployment process to the fullest, this talk might be worth learning Japanese for. Kishikawa Katsumi (@k_katsumi) of FOLIO took 15 minutes to treat us to a whirlwind of automation, including a pretty amazing Slack integration featuring Deliverbot.

Ryosuke Horie:Workflow、どう組んでいますか?

Great look into ZOZO’s workflows, with a quick pitch of the Android Test bible for good measure. Thanks again for our copies (and ZOZO suits), Ryosuke Horie (@Horie1024): They found a nice place in the office!

Miyata Jumpei:サイボウズの CI/CD 事情 ~Jenkins おじさんは CircleCI おじさんにしんかした!~

Where Miyata Jumpei (@miyajan) of Cybozu talks about moving from Jenkins to Circle. Just one more migration and you’ll be where you need to be, Jumpei. Ping me if you need some help moving to Bitrise 😉

Ryo Sakaguchi:Wantedly Peopleのアプリのリリースワークフロー

A peek under the hood of Wantedly People’s app release workflow, by Ryo Sakaguchi (@wakwak3125). The second night actually features a follow-up talk, we’ll link to a bit further down.

CICD Test Night #2

Again, catch a video recording of the event on YouTube. Both audio and video cut out for a bit at the start, but if you skip ahead to the 18:00 minute mark, you should be able to catch the rest of the proceedings.

You’ll find written recaps from other attendees here and here.

Advanced Bitrise and Roadmap Features

During this second keynote, we explained some advanced use cases for Bitrise, featuring things like the Bitrise CLI, the API and interesting tools including Danger and Flank. Following this exploration of ‘Bitrise mastery’, Tokyo got a sneak peek of the Bitrise roadmap, including our new enterprise features, some community-related initiatives, plus the Bitrise dashboard redesign.

Makoto Haruyama:CI/CD Test on ReRep

Where Makoto Haruyama (@Spring_MT) from DeNA talks about the ReRep CICD setup, including combining Circle for backend and Bitrise for client environments. He actually shared a peek at the ReRep Bitrise workflow and trigger setup.

Nemoto Tadashi:私とBitriseとCircleCI - 私がAndroid CI/CDを移行して得られたもの -

The epic tale of how Mercari went from CircleCI 1.0 to Bitrise and (partially) back to Circle for their Android builds. Awesome look into the decision-making process and also something that presented us with some interesting insights into how we can better serve these types of developers in the future. Thanks, Tadashi (@nemoto0713)!

henteko :アプリの検証がどのくらい行われているか調べてみた

Henteko (@henteko) from Deploygate tells us about how Deploygate use is developing, not just in Japan but across the world. Awesome opportunity for us to learn more about one of the most popular Bitrise integrations in Japan. (no deck for this, as of yet)

Shingo Inoue:React NativeアプリをBitriseでCDする

Here, Shingo Inoue (@L_e_k_o) from CureApp tells us all about using Bitrise with React Native, including some cool insights into how they use some of our official steps.

Find the deck for this talk here.

Ryo Sakaguchi:社内ライブラリの更新を自動化する話

Ryo's back! After his talk during CICD Test Night, Ryo Sakaguchi (or 'Wakwak!', as the address label on his contributor t-shirt package read), this presentation focused on the Wantedly design system and the role Bitrise plays in keeping that updated across a bunch of different platforms.

Shinya Nakajima:CI/CD専用モニタと心理的安全性

This talk by Shinya Nakajima (@nakasho_dev) was surprising in the very best sense of the word. Instead of going into the technology or even the end-product, Shinya talked about how visibility of a CICD pipeline can increase the sense of psychological safety for a team. Really gave us something to think about when it comes to how we visualize or dashboard Bitrise usage for developers.

Some assorted musings

After spending 2 evenings with hundreds of Japanese developers, there were some interesting takeaways that we've been sharing with the team here in Budapest as well since we've been back:

  • Bitrise is easy to get started with, but, in addition to that, a tool that allows you to rapidly iterate your app deployment process. This results in some pretty impressive Bitrise setups that aren't necessarily easy, but - if implemented correctly - mean you're way more productive and consistent;
  • Some users dream up Bitrise workflows that we couldn't have imagined (see the previous point as well);
  • Tokyo's high concentration of amazing app developers has really helped Bitrise spread from company to company (we got treated to some throwback presentations from events in the city years ago);
  • The Tokyo developer community is super-duper helpful (both in answering our questions, as in cleaning up the event venue in 10 minutes flat!);
  • Every meetup and/or event should be accompanied by sushi or bento boxes. Best meetup food ever;
  • Speaking with real-time interpretation is difficult. You'll especially notice it in the video for day 1, as I "hmmm" my way through the talk as I'm continuously distracted by the translators speaking Japanese right in front of me and the audience responding to whatever I say 60 seconds later;
  • Purple swag is the best swag:
Awesome photo by DeNA's Kyusaku Mihara
Awesome photo by DeNA's Kyusaku Mihara

Lastly, I couldn't end this recap without thanking DeNA for hosting this event, but also specifically thanking DeNA's Daisuke Tamada (@tamaclaw) whose amazing organizational skills made this all possible.

Thanks and see you again soon, Tokyo!

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