The road to Droidcon Berlin 22

Droidcon Berlin 2022 will take place this year from July 6 to July 8. We're preparing not only for Droidcon but also for a face-to-face meeting with the amazing Android developers to discuss and help them with all of the challenges they're facing.

This year's edition of the premier Android development conference will be held in Berlin in July. Last year, I attended the event and met amazing Android developers from all over the world, as well as learned a lot about Android development from different amazing talks. My team and I will be there again this year with Bitrise, and I hope you will join us.

What is this event about?

Droidcon is a global Android community for daily tech blogs, videos, events, jobs, and more all about Android development, with the goal of assisting you to earn, create, and collaborate at conferences, workshops, webinars, and other events around the world.

In July, Droidcon will be in Berlin, Germany with over 1200 attendees, 95 tech talks, and five tracks over 3 days.

It's a great opportunity to learn about the latest technologies, practices, and tools from experts worldwide.

It is now possible to view the full agenda and make your own programs. Me, I am planning to attend the following talks if I have the time. 🙌🏻

Day 1 - July 6th

Make sure you attend the party at 5:40 PM  🥳🎉

Day 2 - July 7th

Then it's time for a movie night! 📽

Day 2 - July 9th - the Community day

It’s the final day and the closing ceremony with slide karaoke. 🎤

Here's something cool we've prepared for you

Besides attending Droidcon with our lovely team, I am also happy to give a talk about DevSecOps, and how we can inject security testing into our CI/CD and DevOps for Android Apps.

The talk will cover:

  • Shift-left testing in mobile apps.
  • DevOps VS. DevSecOps.
  • Choose the suitable security testing methods.
  • Mobile App Security Checklist.
  • OWASP Mobile Application Security Verification Standards.
  • Add Automated Security Tests to the pipeline.

Don’t miss it if you are attending the conference! Also, it would be amazing if we could meet and discuss how you are using security testing in your Android app currently, and what are the most important challenges you are facing. 

Sign up and meet us there!

Reserve your seat today and join us at Droidcon Berlin 2022!

Hope to see you there soon!


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