May highlights

May you enjoy June and read a summary if you may of what we did in May.

May you enjoy June and read a summary if you may of what we did in May.

Okay, no more rhymes and puns. May brought us a lot of sunshine* and GDPR. And we're on the brink of something spectacular, but I'll need to stop myself from spoiling it, so now on to the summary. 😀

News & Stories

Hello, GDPR! Please tell everybody to re-subscribe - As of 25 May, we can't send anyone any newsletters unless they explicitly tell us to do so. Please let your friends know they need to re-subscribe to make Anna smile.

🤖 Redesigned Android scanner, steps, and workflows to make it simpler and better - Quite a few things were changed for the more convenient for our Android users. Check out how we made the Android setup smarter, what new steps replace the old Gradle Runner step and how the new default workflows look.

🎈 Introducing Auto Provisioning for Cordova and Ionic projects - Both Cordova and Ionic projects' prepare and build phases can be separated now, so you'll be able to use the iOS Auto Provision step with these project types too. Whoo-hoo!

🕊 Flutter in Mobile App Development – Pros & Risks for App Owners - What are Flutter’s pros & cons in mobile app development? Is Flutter a good idea for every app? In this article, you will find essential information about Flutter for App Owners, Product Owners and everyone who wants to develop a mobile app. Guest blog by Agnieszka Czapla, content marketing manager at Droids On Roids.

🏭Use the same files for any builds - Add our new step to your workflow and reuse any files you upload to the app's generic file storage.

🌍 We're hiring! We have open engineering, support and marketing positions in Budapest, only on-site. (Budapest is a nice city, trust me.) Check them out!

Be our guest... blogger! - We are always delighted to hear how members of our community use Bitrise and many of you have already shared your experience with us and we shared them on our blog in return. If you have a great idea, contact us.


👣 How to Create Bitrise Step in Go – Flutter Example - Karol Wrótniak of Droids On Roids demonstrates creating & publishing a Bitrise step, using the example of Flutter and focusing on programming in Go, which is the main language used by Bitrise.

💬 How to Trigger a Bitrise build from HipChat using a Google Cloud Function - Brandon Tripp goes through setting up an app to use a curl command to trigger a Bitrise build from HipChat using a Firebase Cloud Function. Read his guide.

🔢 How to set up cross browser testing services - The second article on cross browser testing focuses on setting up services like SauceLabs, and BrowserStack.

📺 How to set up a CI for multiple iOS and tvOS Apps using Fastlane and Bitrise - Tiago Martinho had to set up a continuous integration (CI) pipeline for multiple versions of an iOS and tvOS app and he shares how to do this in a simple way in this guest blog post.

* Vilma, our office manager's dog thinks it's hot already
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