March highlights

We're super glad it's April: survived the pranks and finally said goodbye to our winter coats. 👋 We also added a bunch of updates that you might find interesting, so read our March highlights.

We're super glad it's April: survived the pranks and on the last day of March we finally said goodbye to our winter coats. 👋 We also added a bunch of updates (while cussing the weather) that you might find interesting, so here they are:

News & Stories

🌍 We're hiring! We have open engineering, support and marketing positions in Budapest, only on-site. Check them out!

Be our guest... blogger! - We are always delighted to hear how members of our community use Bitrise and many of you have already shared your experience with us and we shared them on our blog in return.

📝 iOS Auto Provision supports projects using Xcode's Automatically manage signing option - Use Xcode's Automatically manage signing and Bitrise's iOS Auto Provision step together!

Google Play Console Internal Testing channel landed on Bitrise - Quick addition via feature request: send your APKs to internal testing with Bitrise's Google Play Deploy step!

Small, but useful enhancements - Every build has a workflow. See which one it is in your status email. Plus filter your apps by owners and bookmark them.

View JSON and CSV files in artifacts - View JSON and CSV files generated as build artifacts on the spot: in your browser!

📅 State of App Development in 2017 - Read our conclusions on what mobile devs do and how all around the globe.


🍰 Deploying .NET Core to Azure using Bitrise and Cake - Mattias Karlsson demonstrates how you can build and ship a .NET Core website using a custom docker build image and the open source build system Cake.

🔙 Restore current bitrise.yml to a build’s bitrise.yml - Did so many changes in an app that you can't even count them and need to undo all of them? Lucky you, there is a way if you have any old build for the project.

Set up your Ionic project on Bitrise in 5 mins tops! - Bitrise supports Ionic apps too! Read a step by step tutorial from adding the project to Bitrise to setting up webhooks and triggers. Guest blog post by Sébastien Pousse.

🚶How to create and share your own Bitrise step - We're going to go through creating a step (properly) and sharing it with the Bitrise community. Tutorial based on a real step created and written by Sébastien Pousse.

🔢 Adjust your build numbers - You may need to renumber builds for whatever reason, do it simply in App settings!

Oh, and I got a Yeti and did a couple of recordings. Stay tuned, I might show you some of them in April. No code-singing, I promise. 🎶

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