M1 Max Studio is now available for complex, memory-heavy builds — only at Bitrise

M1 Max Studio is now available for complex, memory-heavy builds — exclusively at Bitrise. View the M1 Max Studio options to further strengthen your raw computing speed.

As of today, Bitrise is offering M1 Max Studio to users that want to further strengthen their raw computing speed. What’s more, this best-in-class Apple silicon hardware is currently only available at Bitrise, fully managed, to help you achieve mobile build performance gains.

This new and stronger Apple silicon machine means that developers can run their most complex, resource-heavy, and long build logs in a fraction of the time they did before.

By eliminating machine memory constraints with the M1 Max Studio, customers—via closed beta testing— have found 20-37% p50 green build improvements between the M1 Max setups and M1 Mac minis, for customers with more complex workflows. These include customers in the food delivery, consumer robots, travel and finance sectors.

For readers currently not using Bitrise, but are interested in our M1 Max Studio , talk to us about making the switch to Bitrise and Apple silicon M1 Max Studio hardware.

M1 Max Studio machines currently available

Bitrise currently has the following M1 Max Studio machines type options that new, and Velocity users can choose from. These include:

M1 Max Studio machines currently available at Bitrise.

Available M1 stacks

The same stacks that are available on the Apple M1 Mac minis will be available for the M1 Max Studio. The machines are setup up with the following stacks on them:

  • osx-xcode-13.3
  • osx-xcode-13.4
  • osx-xcode-14.0
  • osx-xcode-14.1
  • osx-xcode-14.2
  • osx-xcode-14.3.

The latest Xcode versions will always be available to users. This means that users benefit from no longer having to manually update their software, while at the same time, enjoying the most up-to-date stacks.  

Get the right machine types for the managed setup

Anyone that is currently using M1 Mac minis or Intel Elite XL machines and is not happy with the processing speed should try the M1 Max machines.

The cost of switching: M1 Mac mini and M1 Max Studio

For a credit multiplier increase, and depending on the machine type option you choose, your machines could be 70% faster. Below is an overview of the Apple M1 machine type options at Bitrise, along with its credit multiplier.

The Apple M1 machine type options currently available at Bitrise.

*If you’re interested in knowing more about build credit multipliers, visit our pricing page, and scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions.

How to set it up or transition to M1 Max Studio

If you’re on a Velocity plan, you can upgrade to M1 Max Studio right away in the workflow editor -> stacks -> machines. When moving from Intel to M1 Max, see the docs on transitioning iOS development from Intel-based Macs to Apple Silicon.

Alternatively, contact your Bitrise representative for more information about Bitrise and M1 Max Studio machines.

Over the last few months we’ve also identified that the needs of users have changed, and with it, the limitations that previously offered machine-type options imposed on mobile engineering teams. For this reason, we’ve released M1 Max Studio, along with a new tiered offering of M1 machine types. Read the announcement here.  

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