New tiered M1 machine type offering for powerful, efficient, and flexible builds

In addition to releasing M1 Max Studio, and removing M1 from open Beta, we’re happy to announce that we’re also introducing a new tiered offering of M1 machine type options to better suit your needs. Over the past few months we’ve identified that the needs of our users have changed, and with it, the need for machine types that are better suited for their build requirements.

As Apple Silicon M1 machines offer a powerful, efficient, and flexible platform for engineers to build and code on for mobile, our new M1 tiers (including a range of M1 and M1 Max Medium and Large machine types) aim to provide you with better value for your memory and build needs.

Apple M1 options currently available

Apple M1 options

The M1 machine type options currently available include:

Apple M1 options currently available.

*Added value on M1 - Large with a decreased multiplier from 6 to 4.

Apple M1 Max Studio options

For complex, memory-heavy tasks to run quickly and efficiently. The M1 Max Studio machine type options currently available include:

Apple M1 Max Studio options currently available.

Available M1 stacks

The same stacks that are available on the Apple M1 Mac minis will be available for the M1 Max Studio. These include:

  • osx-xcode-13.3
  • osx-xcode-13.4
  • osx-xcode-14.0
  • osx-xcode-14.1
  • osx-xcode-14.2.

Why switch to Apple M1, or M1 Max Studio when currently on Intel machines?

Upgrade your technology game and stay ahead of the competition with Apple's latest and greatest silicon machines. Don't get left behind—match your local apple developer machine with the CI/CD machines used by top developers today. With Apple no longer investing in Intel machines, the time to make the switch is now.

For example, if an ideal build runs for 100 seconds on a 4vCPU Intel Standard machine, then the build would take:

  • 70 seconds on an M1 Medium
  • 52 seconds on an M1 Large
  • 43 seconds on an M1 Max Medium
  • 35 seconds on an M1 Max Large

To conclude: M1 is the obvious choice for better build and speed gains when compared to Intel.

M1 Max Studio best in class Apple silicon only available at Bitrise

Exclusively available at Bitrise, the Apple Silicon M1 Max options are leading-edge machine types for those wanting to further strengthen their raw computing speed. Don't wait - upgrade to the cutting-edge technology of the future and elevate your work to new heights. Read about it in our announcement here.

For readers currently not using Bitrise, but are interested in making the switch, talk to us to deliver faster, with confidence.

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