Scalable Apple silicon M1 in the cloud, for your iOS CI/CD

Open beta available to everyone on Bitrise, today: Apple silicon in the cloud, built for continuous integration and delivery. Fully virtualized, scalable from zero to dozens of concurrencies in seconds, and faster than ever.

Transition to Apple M1 silicon

Transitioning your iOS apps to M1 machines?
Learn how to transition your apps to Apple M1 silicon Macs with insights from Reddit’s M1 transition.
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Run your iOS CI/CD pipelines on M1 in the Cloud

Automate iOS development workflows and ship better apps faster on the world’s most scalable M1 environment.

Be the first to ship M1-exclusive features

Ship Apple silicon-exclusive features

Build and run features that will only live on Apple silicon, through an M1 environment maintained and managed 24/7 for you, in the cloud.
Read our guide to transition iOS development from Intel-based Macs to M1 Macs.

Fully native xcode support

World’s first scalable M1 environment

Create dozens of virtual M1 instances for your CI/CD workflows in seconds, ensuring that builds run fast, secure, and lead to predictable results.

Optimized for speed, stability and security

Native Xcode support on Apple silicon

Stop wasting time on building and maintaining hardware, with M1 Mac minis in the cloud, primed to support Xcode for iOS development. Constant stack updates ensure dependencies, including new Xcode version, are supported faster than ever.

Mobile-specific tooling and stacks

Stop maintaining hardware

Start experiencing faster builds and tests now, with our M1 compute options created for continuous integration and delivery. Built on our proprietary Gen2 macOS infrastructure, M1 on Bitrise offers a significant performance boost compared to Intel-based alternatives.

Tap into the capabilities of Apple silicon

Accelerate your iOS team’s transition to Apple Silicon, and benefit from increased speed and new capabilities

Faster builds and tests on Apple silicon

Build and test iOS apps faster on M1 in the cloud

Speed up your iOS CI/CD pipelines with up to 3.5x faster CPUs and up to 3x faster Xcode compile time.

Easy development transition

Ease your team’s transition to Apple silicon

Bitrise’s cloud-based CI/CD with virtualization enables your team to switch seamlessly between both architectures.

Simple production builds for iOS

Simple M1 production builds for iOS

Apple silicon based build stacks, pre-packed with the tools and dependencies you need to get M1 production builds out fast.

iOS integrations and add-ons already updated

Integrating with all the tools for code signing, testing and distribution that are already compatible with M1

Manage iOS Code Signing

Manage iOS Code Signing

Easy iOS code signing handled automatically.

Xcode Archive & Export for iOS

Xcode Archive & Export for iOS

Generates your IPA and provides simple automatic code signing.

 iOS Device Testing

iOS Device Testing

Run iOS XCUItest on a variety of physical devices.

Deploy to App Store Connect with Deliver

Deploy to App Store Connect with Deliver

Deploy your app with one click to App Store Connect and straight to your users.

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