January highlights

Hardly did we get over the first workday hanging over us (😁) when we had to go 0 to 100 real quick: we spent most of January welcoming developers and companies migrating from Buddybuild to Bitrise. Read all about January at Bitrise.

Hardly did we get over the first workday hanging over us (😁) when we had to go 0 to 100 real quick: we spent most of January welcoming developers and companies migrating from Buddybuild to Bitrise:

🎒 Now is the time to migrate from Buddybuild to Bitrise - Now that Buddybuild will drop Android in March you (or your friends) need a CI/CD for your Android apps. Let us help you with a bit of an overview of what you (or your friends) can achieve using Bitrise.

🎆 2017: Our most awesome year (so far) - we did a lot last year, but quoting anything would be like Inception, wouldn't it?

Our team also moved to an interim office and I for one really enjoy seeing spectacular sunsets from above most of our surroundings and reminding everybody else to look out of the window. 🌇 Not that I'm not super-duper busy writing you about great stuff. (See?) Look through this list to see if you've missed anything. 🙂


🔀  Per-workflow stack selection is here! - Choosing a different stack for a workflow from what you set for the app will give you some handy new tools.

🐑 Git Clone step revised: more stable and more reliable - Update your Git Clone step to 4.0.5 (or higher) as we had it totally rewritten to make it more concise, stable and reliable. Plus it'll be easier to contribute to it in case a new feature is needed.

📆 Set expiry date for your tokens - Set your new manual API tokens' expiry dates to 1 hour, 1 day, 1 month or leave them as they are: to never expire.

Custom integrations with outgoing webhooks - We've updated how and what you can do with our outgoing webhooks so you'll be able to send your build events to whatever service you love and configure it easily.


Pass Artifacts between builds with Build Cache - It is possible to pass artifacts between builds using Cache:Push and Cache:Pull steps, which is super handy if you want to use a file generated by one build in another. Read how.

How to deploy your Android app to Google Play Store - This guide will walk you through all the steps from adding your Android project to Bitrise to deploying the apk built from your project to Google Play Store.

👨‍🔬 How to experiment with Bitrise configs locally, on your Mac/Linux - Do you want to run a custom script in your builds or do you want to experiment with things you just found on the DevCenter, but would love to make the process faster? Read Bitrise CTO Viktor Benei's guide.

🤖  Continuous Integration on Bitrise for Android - Joey Kaan explains how to setup a new Android app's first workflows for your purposes on Bitrise. Read his guide.

🎬 Build pipeline: release your web and mobile app at the push of a button - Bitrise is so flexible that even if it is primarily optimized for mobile apps you can test and deploy a web app using the Linux stack. re:thinc was looking for a CI that they can use for both purposes. Read their story.

📦 SonarQube code coverage for Kotlin on Android with Bitrise - You have a Kotlin Android app and you want SonarQube code coverage reports? Peter-John Welcome found a way. Read his guide.

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