Introducing new offerings in Release Management: Paid and Free

We're excited to introduce our comprehensive Release Management add-on, now featuring both a Free and a new, automation-driven Paid offering.

At Bitrise, we understand the importance of efficient and seamless release management for your mobile apps. That's why we're excited to introduce our comprehensive Release Management add-on, now featuring both a Free offering and a new, automation-driven Paid offering. From automated status updates to automated Google Staged Rollouts, our team has transformed the most challenging aspects of release management into manageable solutions. Discover why our Paid offering might be the perfect upgrade for your team, with automated features designed to streamline your release process like never before. 

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Download our Release Management datasheet for a comprehensive overview of all the new release management functionalities we've rolled out.

Release Management Offerings

Our new pricing structure caters to many release needs and enhances your release management process.

Release Management’s Free offering

Our Free Release Management product remains accessible to all Bitrise users, allowing you to manage releases for unlimited mobile applications without cost. This is ideal for those who prefer handling release tasks manually, as it does not include release automation features. It's a perfect starting point for getting acquainted with the basic functionalities of Release Management.

Release Management’s Paid offering

In response to your feedback, we have tailored paid offerings to better align with your release management needs and have released an Unlimited offering. Starting at $250/app/month, this offering offers unlimited automated releases, providing the utmost flexibility and convenience for your release management process. It's tailored for users seeking to fully automate release management, saving time and reducing manual efforts. Here are some of our latest automation features.

Automate status updates through Slack and Microsoft Teams

Release Managers have the crucial task of keeping stakeholders informed about app release changes, often requiring time-consuming status updates. Bitrise Release Management has integrated Slack and Microsoft Teams to streamline this process. By connecting your workspaces to Release Management, you’ll receive automated notifications for key events, such as when a TestFlight build completes processing or when an Apple Store release is reviewed. This integration aims to make communication more convenient and less manual for release managers.

Screenshot of Bitrise’s Release Management add-on where users can enable Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications.

Trigger Bitrise CI builds with automation

Release Management on Bitrise offers a flexible approach to managing mobile app releases, accommodating the unique release flows of different teams. Through automation, you can tailor your release process and automatically initiate specific builds and pipelines whenever your release status changes.

GIF of Bitrise’s Release Management add-on, where users can trigger Bitrise CI builds with automation.

Automate Apple phased and Google staged rollouts

Bitrise Release Management provides an all-encompassing solution for managing both Apple’s phased releases and Google’s staged rollouts. The automated rollout feature simplifies the scheduling and adjustment of rollout percentages for both platforms. Once enabled, the new version of your app will incrementally reach your user base, starting from a 1% reach and gradually expanding to 100% over a week. Release Managers have the option to pause and resume the rollout whenever necessary, offering greater control over the release process.

Screenshot of Bitrise’s Release Management add-on that automates Google’s staged rollouts.

New API integrations (Coming Soon)

Bitrise Release Management is set to enhance its automation capabilities through API calls. Soon, you’ll be able to automate your app releases, including distributing beta versions to TestFlight and the Google Play Console Testing tracks. These features, along with others, will be accessible via API in addition to the existing Release Management user interface.

Download our Release Management datasheet for a comprehensive overview of all the new release management functionalities we've rolled out.

Special offer for early adopters

As a bonus, early adopters will receive a free 3-month subscription to our automated Release Management product. Being an early adopter means you have completed at least one release in your connected app before the introduction of our new pricing. This offer is our way of thanking you for your support so that you can enjoy full access to the paid features in April, May, and June at no cost. Uncertain if you’re an early adopter? We’re encouraging everyone to explore the benefits of Release Management, even if they haven't used it yet. Complete at least one release in your connected app to see if you qualify. 

What’s next? New automation features on the horizon

In the coming months, we will update Release Management with new automation features. These will include the ability to automatically distribute beta release candidates to TestFlight and the Google Play Console Testing tracks, instantly making the latest test versions available to your QA team.

"We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of Release Management, a significant milestone for us. This new tool is designed to assist mobile teams and Release Managers in simplifying the process of releasing mobile apps.
Bitrise began its journey as a mobile Continuous Integration (CI) platform aimed at helping mobile developers improve their app testing workflow. Over the last few years, we’ve introduced additional features such as Bitrise Insights and Build Cache, which have been instrumental in helping mobile teams reduce their build and testing times.
With the introduction of Release Management, we’re taking a major stride towards enhancing the mobile app development experience even further. Our goal is to provide a dependable and easily manageable solution for the release process of mobile apps." Akos Birmacher, Product Manager, Bitrise.

Where to sign up? 

Release Management is available to users who already have a Bitrise account. You can start using Bitrise for free if you are not already a Bitrise user, or if you’re already using Bitrise, you can

  1. Navigate to the Release Management menu in the side panel, and 
  2. Start adding your release to Release Management. 


Screenshot of where users can sign up for Release Management.

Benefits of Bitrise’s Release Management add-on

Our simple, user-friendly UI makes the release process manageable and as easy as expected. At its core, it utilizes automation to streamline your deployment processes, ensuring consistent, error-free releases for both iOS and Android. The key benefits include:

Benefits of Release Management.

Stay updated on our pricing options

We're here to support you through any updates or questions about our pricing and services. Feel free to contact our customer support team for assistance. 

About our beta cycle

Nobody has a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in release management than the mobile developers who tackle it every day. So when we set out to launch Release Management, we turned directly to the development experts: you.

Throughout the last year, Release Managers, Release Owners, Engineers, and developers worldwide have engaged with us in our Beta program to improve our Release Management add-on and your release management experience. This collaborative effort involved close partnerships with our in-house product designers and engineers, where participants contributed innovative ideas, provided critical feedback, and played a crucial role in identifying and resolving issues for your mobile app releases. 

As we transition out of beta, we're excited to unveil the enhanced Bitrise Release Management add-on, reflecting its current, refined state. However, we couldn’t have done it without you. From the Release Management team at Bitrise, thank you for contributing to our product Release Management 💜. 

Resources to help you

Bitrise is the CI/CD Platform built for Mobile DevOps. It is currently the only CI/CD solution with integrated release management, streamlining the deployment process and ensuring seamless and efficient release cycles. If you’re a Bitrise user, you can start with Release Management today by adding your 1st release. Not a Bitrise user? Start for free today.

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