Reduce feedback loops with remote build caching

Bitrise Build Cache is a fully managed remote caching solution that reduces CI build and test durations for applications built with Gradle and Bazel build systems.

Bring your own CI platform

Easily cache builds you already have running on Bitrise CI or with other CI/CD providers. Bitrise Build Cache’s flexibility to cache builds anywhere means your team can reduce redundant build processes without overhauling your entire CI/CD pipeline.

Faster builds, happier devs

Local developer workstations and CI jobs can share the same build outputs and test results, keeping build and test times low in local development and CI environments. As a result, teams spend less time waiting and more time solving meaningful problems.

Fully managed infrastructure

Bitrise cache storage is fully managed and colocated only steps away from the macOS and Linux runners responsible for your Bitrise CI builds. This delivers near-zero network latency and eliminates data transfer costs for builds running on Bitrise CI.

Control CI costs

Build caching reduces redundant work by storing outputs of intermediate build steps for reuse in subsequent builds. This reduces the overall compute load and the time build pipelines are active, leading to improved CI cost control.

Bitrise Build Cache promises faster build and test runs by intelligently caching the outputs of intermediate build steps, generated when compiling your code, and reusing those outputs in future builds.

Test results are also saved by Bitrise Build Cache. This means that tests unaffected by your code changes can avoid being rerun — resulting in massively reduced build and test times.

To learn more about build caching and how it complements dependency caching, read our Guide to Dependency Caching and Build Caching.

Supported build systems

Our Build Cache currently supports both seamless CI/CD integration as well as remote connectivity (supporting local development workflows) for the following tools:

Data Sheet: Unlock Efficiency with
Bitrise Build Cache

Types of caching solutions from Bitrise

Bitrise offers two types of caching solutions:

Build and test caching

The first of its kind, and 100% managed by Bitrise requiring no setup or maintenance, you can use our out-of-the-box cache Steps to cache your build and test tasks or artifacts at the highest velocity. Our world-class CDN ensures that your cache is stored right next to where it is needed by the machines running those builds, which provides additional speed gains.

Dependency caching

Dependency caching is used to cache your third-party dependencies. Your workflow runs will save your dependencies for fast reuse so that they need not be downloaded off the internet every time the workflow is run. Bitrise supports preconfigured caching steps for major package managers and generic caching steps that allow you to customize your caching and support any package manager of your choice.

Increase your build speed by up to 10x