How we lead at Bitrise

We are growing rapidly - in numbers of employees and how many places we work from around the world. We take extra efforts to stay connected to each other and pay attention to how we work together to be at our best. Read about our leadership principles in this article!

Empowering leaders at every level is one of the most important things we can do. For us, leadership is not a title nor is it only shown when you lead others. At Bitrise, we are all leaders and are trusted to take ownership and expected to show leadership in our daily work and interactions.

Our Leadership principles act as our commitments to each other and guide us to:

  • Lead by example and we do what we say,
  • Have the courage to learn from our mistakes,
  • Celebrate success and accelerate from our strengths,
  • Embrace change and live a growth mindset,
  • And, above all, move together as One Bitrise.

Whether we are growing new leaders inside or hiring from the outside, our ability to collaborate and keep learning is the secret to our success. We know it isn't about how many years of leadership experience we have, or how much expertise we have. We can always learn new ways to improve and be even better.

We are growing rapidly - in numbers of employees and how many places we work from around the world. We take extra efforts to stay connected to each other and pay attention to how we work together to be at our best. For us, culture is not about gimmicks or office space but the depth and quality of our relationships with each other and customers.

Our Leadership Principles explain how we lead: 

  • Learn
  • Accelerate
  • Energize
  • Imagine

These principles bring to life our core values:

  • We care
  • We help each other be better
  • We are open-minded and direct
  • We move with urgency and focus

We have defined these leadership principles collectively. Like our values, they are not just words on a wall but they guide how we act and we will continue to live and evolve them as we grow and scale.

“We truly care for each other. Our principles bring this to life and alongside our values guide how we respond and act.”

Vikki Sly, VP of People, UK 

Let’s see what they mean for us:

  1. Learn

Development is a basic human need.

Continual learning is such an important part of our culture and who we are. We create the safety needed to experiment, fail, rise, repeat for ourselves and each other. We take responsibility for investing in our own development and actively help each other learn. We fuel our growth and elevate others through continuous, actionable, honest and candid feedback. If we lead others we actively coach and mentor each other to enable people, challenge thinking, and empower accountability.

“Bitrise is a place where growth is encouraged, celebrated, and recognised. At Bitrise our mission is to scale everyone, to bring to life a culture where we are all continually learning and able to be at our best.”

Vikki Sly, VP of People, UK 

  1. Accelerate

We believe happy people lead to happy customers that take us to happy financials. What happens inside, is reflected outside. 

To accelerate we know we need inclusive practices with diverse teams to be sure we can scale, create value and succeed. Collaborating and creating together is our route to success so we continuously improve how we work and what we do in order to scale and make better decisions.

We are unfailingly honest and transparent with each other to make Bitrise a 'no surprise culture' for ourselves and our customers. We always act with integrity and we do the right thing, no matter how hard it is! We care deeply about the value we bring our customers as we create and further develop scalable solutions and teams. We care for each other in the same way.

“Caring means we drive performance, it means helping others to figure out how to be better.”

Barnabas Birmacher, Co-Founder and CEO at Bitrise

  1. Energize

Creating a strong culture is everyone’s responsibility. We strive to make Bitrise and each other the best we can be every single day.

We believe creating a strong culture is all of our responsibility. We believe in collective genius and the power of teamwork and that 1+1 can really equal 5! We do this by working hard to align, provide clarity and direction around vision and goals. We give trust and autonomy to others and we do not micromanage. We do keep track though, enabling us to step in for each other and our customers. We all take responsibility to make Bitrise the best place it can be. 

We ‘walk the talk’ and practice to fail forward, living in a culture that supports us to iterate, innovate and keep improving. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves!

“Bitrise is a place you love to work in because you feel that you have an impact. You feel that you improved something for others, be that Bitrise customers or another team in Bitrise, you feel that you made the world a little better”

Viktor Benei Co-Founder and CTO at Bitrise

  1. Imagine

One Bitrise

With our individual talent combined by working together, we unlock each other’s and Bitrise’s success. 

If it can be imagined, it can be created! 

To stay ahead we are always imagining new ways of doing things. This helps us scale together. We know we can achieve more by acting together than alone - whether this is inside Bitrise or outside with our customers. 

We are on an uncharted path. We have to act like pioneers and experiment, innovate and be market leaders. Working as One Bitrise we leverage each other to make the right decisions and coordinate our actions.  We are resilient and embrace change as part of who we are. We use OKRs to help cross-functionally align on the right outcomes. We actively prioritize together so we do not lose our teeth!

“We make fast but effective decisions and don’t get stuck - we call this a reasonable decision. If you make a wrong decision, or something fails, we keep iterating, just of course correct and try something new.”

Daniel Balla Co-Founder and CSO at Bitrise

We have invested in a conscious and collective effort to craft our leadership culture, because we believe that it is crucial in making Bitrise a fulfilling, sustainable, diverse, and inclusive working environment for growth-minded people to make an impact. We believe that great leadership is a key to success and enables us to unlock our full potential both now and in the future. It is even more important when things get tough.

We know this is a journey, not a destination, and that we have much to discover and learn along the way. As with our culture and values, we’re committed to continuously refactoring and improving our leadership, both in theory and in action.

Thank you for every Bitriser for the inspiration!

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