Feature Request Friday: February 15 – March 1

Check out all the feature request submissions we've received this week!

Welcome back to the next edition of Feature Request Friday, everyone! We saw some great submissions in the past two weeks, and quite a few votes for them as well. We’re always happy to see more and more ideas about how we could make Bitrise even better than it is — so let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Branch deeplinking and Top-level red/green status configuration

Our first two feature requests of the week come from eliot_pear: one about Deeplink support for branch filter views, and one about the possibility of configuring which triggers would result in a top-level red/green status.

Mono Repository support for other git services

Our next featured submission comes from Chris Weber, AKA 'Rethnic', and is about extending mono repository support to other git services than GitHub, for example, Bitbucket.

Add a build completed request to the Bitrise API

Next up, we have a feature request by service about adding an endpoint which would report when a build was successfully completed.

Send payload data in Outgoing Webhook

We also saw a feature request from Erick Maeda Lopes, who would like to see the possibility of sending payload data through outgoing webhooks.

Option to Auto Retry/Rebuild When Build Fails

Our next one comes from Nate Dykens, and is about an auto-retry/rebuild option for when a Xamarin Android build fails to find the SDK, and then fails to build, but a rebuild solves the situation.

Bitrise Step to Deploy iOS and Android apps to Test Objects

Next up, we have a feature request from An Doan, about a new step that would enable users to deploy apps to Test Objects.

Allow hiding workflow from Start Build screen

John Mejia also submitted a feature request for the option of hiding default workflows on the Start Build screen.

Allow for bitrise.yml step’s is_skippable attribute to accept a dynamic value

Visitwidget posted a feature request for allowing is_skippable flags to accept dynamic values, which would allow separate admin systems that ping the API to start building with different options.

Create a new app via Bitrise CLI

Last but not least, we saw a request from Andreas Ebbert-Karroum, who would like to automate the whole process of creating an app via Bitrise CLI.

That's it for this week, folks! Make sure you go and vote on your favorite feature requests to help us see just what it is you'd really want to see on Bitrise. Have any ideas that you haven't seen mentioned? Post them on our the feature request page — all you have to do is log into your account, click "New Topic" on the top right corner of the page, and you're good to go! See you in two weeks with a new Feature Request Friday!

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