Feature Request Friday: February 1–15

Take a look at all the amazing feature requests we have received in the last two weeks!

Developing new features for our platform is one of the key ways we can make sure we are giving you the best service possible — and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help. We thought it would be a great to shine some light on all the ideas we’ve been getting from you, and the ways you think we could improve Bitrise. Let’s see what kind of feature requests we saw in the last two weeks!

Build author name as Environment Variable

Our first feature request of the week was submitted by Erick Maeda Lopes, who would love to see a variable that is automatically filled with author names.

Run workflow for PR

Next up, we have one from John Mejia, about the option of being able to use a pull request's commit ID for triggers

Maven repo publishing

Matthew Edwards, AKA 'Bootstraponline', January's highlighted contributor, posted a request about having an easier way to publish artifacts to Maven repos.

Approval action step in build where we want the pipeline execution to stop so that someone with the required Access can approve or reject the action

We saw a request for an approval action step for pipeline executions as well, submitted by Vaibhav Walke.

API: Add paging to builds log endpoint

We also had a feature request come in from another one of January’s top contributors, Igor Asharenkov, AKA 'Deszip', who asked for a paging mechanism for getting all of the log chunks from the beginning of each build.

Show message from job in the notification mail

Michael Stingl proposed a feature for getting notification emails based on the message entered while configuring a build.

Add support for custom cmake version not available via sdkmanager - Android, Install Missing Android Tools step

Our good friend, Karol Wrótniak, submitted a feature request for custom CMake support for versions that are not available in through SDK Manager.

Group triggered workflows into on one “build”

Thomas Torp suggested a feature that would allow group-triggered workflows to be grouped into one build instead of having an entry for each.

Deploy to iTunes Connect should use connected Apple accounts

Last but not least, we saw a feature request for being able to use Apple accounts for steps that involve deploying to iTunes Connect, by Matthias Buchetics.

That’s it for now, folks! Make sure you go and vote on your favorite feature requests to help us see just what it is you'd really want to see on Bitrise. Have any ideas that you haven't seen mentioned? Post them on the feature request page — all you have to do is log into your account, click "New Topic" on the top right corner of the page, and you're good to go! See you in two weeks with a new Feature Request Friday!

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