Faster, more flexible plans on Bitrise: Introducing Teams

We are very excited to share that as of today, new users on Bitrise will have access to our new Teams plan, in addition to a redesigned Free build experience, and the Velocity plans we announced earlier this year. Teams is Bitrise’s new, credit-based pricing plan that is available for everybody, independent of team size.

Bitrise started off five years ago with a pricing model that used concurrencies as a basis for pricing. Over the last few years, we saw that this model has limitations that are blocking our users’ development processes. More and more teams run into their plan's concurrency cap at the end of a release cycle but almost all of them were able to kick off builds comfortably without queueing any other time. This inconsistency in the need of concurrencies is solved by switching to a pricing model where users pay for what they actually build, instead of concurrencies that are idle most of the time.

Late last year we started rolling out our credit-based Velocity plan for some of the biggest mobile teams in the world, who needed more speed, flexibility, and performance. We worked with these companies to collect as much feedback as possible and incorporate what we learned into the Teams plan before rolling it out to everybody. 

The most important things you need to know about the new plan is that on Teams, you:

  • Will have access to our fastest build platform ever: Gen2;
  • Can pick from different compute options based on your build's needs, each of which will cost a different amount of credits per minute of usage;
  • Will be able to kick off up to 10 MacOS builds or 30 Linux builds at the same time (for higher limitations, see our Velocity plan);
  • Will no longer run into a timeout after a 45 or 90 minute build, but will have up to 4 hours for a build to complete.
As of today, every new customer joining Bitrise will have access to the Teams plan. For existing users, Teams will replace the current Developer, Org Standard, and Org Elite plans in future.

If you already are a Bitrise user and would like to migrate to the Teams or Velocity plan featuring Gen2 and flexible concurrency limitations, let us know. (Please note that we’ll migrate interested users to Teams in batches to ensure capacity on our Gen2 infrastructure.)

If you're not a Bitrise customer yet, sign-up for a free trial.

If you have any questions that we haven’t answered below, feel free to reach out on our Contact page.

Frequently asked questions

▶ How do I calculate how many credits my team will need?

You will receive a 2-week free trial for Teams and 500 credits to start building. When the Trial ends, we will suggest a credit bundle that will fit your needs.

▶ As a current user, can I migrate now?

Currently, the Bitrise Teams plan is available to new users only. If you're interested in Bitrise Teams and are an existing Bitrise user, contact us today.

▶ Do I have to migrate to the new plan?

At the moment, no, you don’t have to. You can request to be migrated or you can keep using your current plan.

▶ How long can I keep my old plan?

Existing concurrency-based customers can keep their plans indefinitely. Note that the option to add new concurrencies to those plans will be removed after March 31st, 2022.

▶ Can I upgrade to a bigger, concurrency-based plan?

Only until March 31st, 2022. If you need to upgrade your current plan after that, our team will provide you with a test period for the Teams or Velocity plans and help you figure out which of our new plans fits your needs.

▶ What's the difference between the Teams and Velocity plans?

The Velocity plan is for advanced mobile engineering teams that require even more flexibility and performance. On the Velocity plan, teams enjoy: a larger maximum for autoscaling concurrency limits; more monthly credits and generous discounts the larger the monthly credit package; limited overage each month without the need to upgrade or pay extra; access to the fastest Elite XL compute options for MacOS and Linux; virtually no restrictions on minimum/maximum parallel builds; custom build timeouts; and hands-on support from sales and customer success engineers.

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