Community Roundup: August

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community in the past month!

Welcome back to another one of our Community Roundups, folks! August flew by in an instant, but don't worry — we've got a nice recap of everything that's been going on in the community. Let's take a look, shall we?

Articles of the month

Our first article comes from Satoshi Baba, who wrote about how easy iOS auto provisioning is with Bitrise. Thank you so much for putting this together, Satoshi.

BitriseのiOS Auto Provisionが超絶使いやすくなった件 - dip Engineer Blog— ばば (@s_baba_0823) August 3, 2020

Next up is a quick piece titled “Debug Bitrise Workflow Locally”, written by Muyexi. Thank you for sharing this with us, we really appreciate it.

Debug Bitrise Workflow Locally— muyexi (@muyexi) August 7, 2020

This one comes from Watanave, and is about using Bitrise with public repositories. Great piece, thank you so much for this.

パブリックリポジトリでbitriseを利用する時の注意点 [GitHub] on @Qiita— watanave (@Susan_jacko) August 13, 2020

We also saw a piece by Matt Malone, titled “Preparing Bitrise for SonarScanner’s Java 8 deprecation”. Great work, Matt — thanks for sharing it with the community.

I just published Preparing Bitrise for SonarScanner’s Java 8 deprecation— Matt Malone (@dasmattmalone) August 15, 2020

This next piece comes from Nicolas Brondin-Bernard, and is an awesome introduction to how handy Bitrise can be if you want to publish iOS apps without a Mac. It’s so great to see just how much enthusiasm you have for the platform, Nicolas. We absolutely love this, amazing job!

Si vous faites du React-Native et que vous n'avez pas accès à un mac, je vous conseille Bitrise !#reactjs #reactnative #mobile #ios #apple #cicd— Nicolas Brondin-Bernard (@NicolasBrondin) August 27, 2020

Last but not least, we saw an article about iOS UI testing written by Kanari3, and there was a pretty hefty Bitrise chunk in there — we wanted to thank you for including us in there, and for using the platform. We really appreciate it. Cheers!

iOSのWebViewでUIテストが安定しない - Bitrise / Firebase TestLabで検証してみた - ANDPAD Tech Blog

IT企業技術ブログ等アンテナより— 技術ブログくん (@mohritaroh) August 27, 2020

Tweets and mentions

Our first tweet comes from Unapii, who just got started with the platform — we’re so happy to see you on board. Let us know if there’s anything we can help with.

Bitrise初めて使ってみた— unapiii (@unapiii1) August 2, 2020

Next up is a tweet by John Blanco, who was just thinking about moving all his projects over to Bitrise after finishing a setup for a client. Needless to say, we’d love to have you on board, John! 🚀 Let us know how it went, and what were the problems with the documentation — we’re always eager to do better.

Spent the last two days crafting a solid BitBucket/Bitrise/fastlane system for a client.

Documentation was treacherous, but I have it working with all the fat cut off.

May be time to bring all my other projects over to Bitrise now.— John Blanco/Kamala Harris '20 (@ZaBlanc)
August 11, 2020

This tweet comes from Alex Logan, who talked about just how much Flutter shines when it’s combined with a tool like Bitrise. As always, we really appreciate your support, Alex. Thank you for the shoutout!

The power of flutter really shows when you combine it with a tool like Bitrise.

I can add a feature, push it, then get treated to two installable apps I can throw on test devices, or straight to the Play/App Store 🥳— Alex ☕️ (@SwiftyAlex)
August 14, 2020

Mateusz Matrejek also talked about us in one of his tweets, explaining just how easy it is to work with Bitrise thanks to things like the UI and the Step library. He wasn’t alone, though — Matt Beaney also commented on the thread, and completely agreed with him. Thank you both for the kind words — it means a lot to us to see just how happy our users are with the whole experience.

This. Bitrise is incredibly simple to use and requires, in its simplest workflow, zero code.— Matt Beaney (@matt_beaney) August 14, 2020

No roundup is truly complete without a swag tweet. This one comes from Matthew Jones, who posted a picture of our comfy Bitrise socks. Thank you for sharing this, Matthew!

Wow! Just received an amazing welcome swag package from @bitrise. I can't wait to get started! These socks look so comfortable!— Matthew Jones (@MatthewJones517) August 15, 2020

This one comes from Max Chen, who gave us a shoutout for being so easy to get started with. We're so glad to hear you think so, Max. Let us know how it's been going since then.

bitrise 真的很好上手🙌— Max Chen マックス (@MaxNesto) August 10, 2020

Next up are two tweets, one by Tiziano Coroneo, and one by Peter Goldsmith, who both praised us for how quick we are to offer support for new Xcode versions. We aim to please — thank you so much for using the platform, and for recommending us out there. 😉

Yup, @bitrise are definitely super fast for ‘Time To New Xcode’ ⚡️ And that’s just it, Apple’s tooling has so many ❄️ requirements, that it takes dedicated focus (like what @bitrise offer) to achieve frictionless CI that serves the Xcode tool chain needs.— Peter Goldsmith (@_petegoldsmith) August 16, 2020

Our next one comes from Rick Manelius, who talked about how using Bitrise is one of the best tech decisions they ever made at Contact Mapping. We really appreciate you advocating the use of Bitrise, and hope we’ll get to celebrate many more successful builds together! 🚀

Honestly it was and remains one of the best tech decisions we've made. I'll sing your praises to anyone that is on the fence. 💪🏻— Rick Manelius, PhD (@rickmanelius) August 20, 2020

Axel Kee also tweeted about us, and how easy it was to build an iOS app and submit it to the App Store, even with no physical equipment present. Glad to hear it all turned out great, Axel.

Bless Bitrise, managed to build my iOS app on their service and submit to App Store, while my touch bar Macbook Pro is still stuck in service center lol— Axel Kee 🐐 (@soulchildpls) August 16, 2020

This one comes from YSonchou, who recommended us to folks developing mobile apps everywhere. We really appreciate the shoutout, YSonchou. Cheers!

モバイルアプリ開発なら、こういうのもあります。GitHub とも連携できてfastlaneで簡単にパイプライン管理。— YSonchou (@y_sonchou) August 6, 2020

Up next is another swag tweet, this time from Takahiro, who got quite the box of goodies. So glad to hear you like them — as for the socks, sorry about the mixup — we might have seen a couple of these go out, so if anyone else is in the same shoes, just let us know, and we’ll get in touch. 😉

Thanks #bitrise . I'm use your servise more!— Takahiro (@Takahiro_1984) August 18, 2020

We also saw a lot of great tweets about our recent announcement of users being able to store and manage their bitrise.ymls in their repositories. It's always great to see how much people love the platform and its new updates, so here’s a few of our favorite ones out of the lot. 🎉

最高 | bitrise.ymlファイルへのオンラインアクセス | Bitrise DevCenter— かっくん (@fromkk) August 25, 2020
The more stuff fully managed in source control the better! 🥳— Alex ☕️ (@SwiftyAlex) August 25, 2020
🙌 Nice - been waiting for this one— Chris Francis.js (@chrisfrancis27) August 25, 2020
Awesome! 🎉— Morten Bjerg Gregersen (@mortengregersen) August 25, 2020
GitHub と Bitrise の連携がすごく良くなる。
#Bitrise— kusokamayarou (@kusokamayarou) August 26, 2020
You can now store your #bitrise build configuration(bitrise.yml) right in your git repo. Awesome news!— Vladimir Ivanov (@vvsevolodovich) August 26, 2020

You know that tingly feeling when someone says they couldn’t live without you? Well, mobile CI/CD services get that too, when they see a tweet like this… So glad you feel this way, Chad. Keep up the good work!

I couldn't (wouldn't want to...) live without IntelliJ, Bitrise, SequelPro, or Figma. I can't pick a favorite, each fills a niche.— Chad Robinson (@CodeAndBiscuits) August 22, 2020

This one comes from Golan Shay, who also highly recommended using the platform, and praised us for tailoring the solution to our users' needs. Thank you so much for shoutout, Golan.

Use @bitrise for your CI/CD, highly recommended! We worked together with their team to tailor a solution to our needs.— Golan Shay (@golanshy) August 14, 2020

Before we go, we wanted to include something very special to us — our new Japanese initiative, the Bitrise Manga project. We have now released two mangas, and as you can see from these tweets, the reception was amazing. We really appreciate the kind words, everyone, and yes — the plushies making their appearance is no coincidence… 🐱🤖

CI/CDあるある何か無いかと言われて出したら漫画になった...!!! #bitrise— かっくん (@fromkk) August 19, 2020
vvakameさんにしか見えない— なっぴー🍼 (@napplecomputer) August 18, 2020
Bitriseの4コマ漫画!— Yanagi Hideaki (@hideaki_yanagi) August 19, 2020
関係ないけど机の上にあるぬいぐるみ欲しい #bitrise— かっくん (@fromkk) August 19, 2020
すごいプロモーションだ、、、! #マンガでBitrise— かめいけ (@kameike) August 20, 2020
自分で案出したのに「あるあるw」と思ってしまった🤣 #bitrise— かっくん (@fromkk) August 27, 2020
このvvakame猫ぬいぐるみほしい— なっぴー🍼 (@napplecomputer) August 27, 2020

That’s it for this time, folks . If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or join our Writers' and Speakers' programs, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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