Community Roundup: April

Check out what's been going on in the Bitrise community lately!

Welcome back to another one of our Community Roundups, folks. This time is a little different, since we’re doing one for April altogether — but on the flip-side, we've got quite a number of articles for you. Let’s get started!

Articles of the month

Our first two articles come from Cathandnya: one about automatically generating Firebase App Distribution release notes with Bitrise, and one about handling pull requests in Bitrise and writing the results as comments to them. Thank you so much for your work — yet another two great pieces.

Next up is a few notes Ashdik wrote together about the problem of SwiftFormat failing on Bitrise but running locally — thanks for writing this together, and let us know how it turned out.

Our next one comes from Marko Aras over at Codablestudio, who wrote an article titled “Screenshot automation on iOS with Bitrise & Fastlane”. Awesome job, Marko — cheers!

Next up is an article by BOBg1018Vi, focusing on creating a distribution environment for iOS apps with Bitrise, Fastlane, and App Distribution. Thanks for putting this together.

Next is an article titled “iOS Continuous Integration & Delivery using Fastlane and Bitrise” written by Martin Barreto over at Xmartlabs. Thank you for this lovely piece, Martin — keep up the good work.

Our next one comes from Aditya Syal, who wrote about doing CI for Flutter projects using Bitrise. We love it, Aditya — thank you so much, and we hope to see many more great ones like this in the future.

This one comes from the folks over at Ayusch, as part of their series of articles focused on plugin development. This one specifically describes building a plugin to trigger builds on Bitrise, so we were obviously drawn to it. Amazing job, and thank you for the shoutout.

Next up is an article by Raúl Ferrer, who put together a step by step tutorial on how to automate the deployment of an iOS app with Bitrise. For those who speak Spanish, there’s also a Spanish version of it available on Raul's website. Thank you so much for your work, Raúl — this is some great stuff.

Last but not least, we’ve got an article from Ch3cooh about accelerating iOS app build speeds with Bitrise using cocoapods-binary-Vinegar. Thanks for putting this together — cheers!

Mentions of the month

Our first tweet this time comes from Tomoki Kobayashi, who commented on how great the Roundup is — we’re glad you like it so much, Tomoki. We know the format has been changing quite a bit lately, but we’ll get back to a more regular schedule starting the next two weeks. 🚀

Next up is a tweet from Yosshi_4486, who contributed to our documentation with some awesome Japanese translations. We wanted to extend a special thank-you to you — it always means a lot to us to get some help from our users.

Next up, we have a few tweets by people who just got started with the platform. We hope you’ve been having a great time — let us know what you think, and if there’s anything we can help with.

We also saw some lovely tweets with pictures of some of the swag we sent lately. Thank you Javier, Rikusouda, Wada811, and Tarappo, for sharing these. Hope you like them!

On a related note, after seeing this thread from Ren, The_Uhoii, and Satoshi, we wanted to note that if you got something that wasn’t the right size, just let us know — we’d be glad to send another pair/piece of anything you’d like.

Next up is a tweet by Mocchan, who commented on how easy the GUI of Bitrise made everything during work — we're glad you feel that way! Thank you for the kind words, Mocchan.

We also saw a tweet from our friend Vladimir Ivanov, the star of the first "Mobile DevOps is a thing!" podcast. That's some pretty sharp work there, Vladimir — thanks for the shoutout, and keep being awesome!

We also saw a lot of tweets about the first online Bitrise User Group we had not so long ago, so we just wanted to insert a little shoutout here to everyone who joined, speakers and attendees alike. We had an amazing time, and hope that you did, too! See you at the next one on the 14th. 😉

We also wanted to say a huge thank-you to all of you out there who are giving us shoutouts all around the clock: it feels amazing to have such a supportive community, and it certainly makes our quarantine days way better to see all your kind words. Here’s a couple of tweets we really loved, just for good measure.

Last but not least, we wanted to thank you all for the support we received about the COVID-19 support we announced not so long ago. We’re happy that we’re able to help, and with every new measure we’re taking, we’re hoping we can make this stressful situation a little bit easier for everyone. We can’t even begin to pick and choose from all the positive reactions we saw, but we definitely heard how much you loved this first measure, and will try our best to continue supporting the community as best we can, moving forward.

That’s it for now, folks. If you have any great experiences or stories about using Bitrise, or would just love to share the progress you’re making on your current project with us, don't forget to do so on social media, or join our Writers' and Speakers' programs, and you might see yourself in our next set of highlights. Until then — happy building!

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