Bitrise Contributor Hall of Fame (October 2018) πŸ†

Bitrise πŸ’œ Open Source and we love that you contribute to Bitrise. This is our monthly thank you. πŸ™

Another month chock full of community contributions. Join us in thanking those that have created a new integration, wrote a guide or localized documentation in October

Bitrise is by and for mobile developers. Literally. We got our start as an app development agency addressing our own frustrations with existing mobile cicd solutions, but beyond that, the developer community at large has contributed a great deal to Bitrise. This is the first in a series of monthly blog posts in which we'll spotlight those contributions.

Every month, we'll tell you about the many people that contributed integrations or steps, howto's or guides and localizations to Bitrise, plus we'll spotlight a single contributor through a mini interview. This month, that contributor is FOLIO's Daiki Matsudate:

Bitrise Contributor Spotlight: Daiki Matsudate

Daiki Matusdate is an iOS developer at FOLIO, one of Japan's most exciting tech companies providing end-users with a novel way to invest in the stock market. This October, as we kicked off a Japanese localization project in preparation for our Bitrise Tokyo Roadshow, Daiki blew us away by fully localizing almost half a dozen pages in record time. He was graciously willing to answer a few questions:

What can you tell us about yourself, Daiki?

As you already stated, I work at FOLIO where I'm an iOS developer. Additionally, I'm a Google Developer Expert for Firebase and contribute regularly to Open Source projects like Swift lang, Open API Generator and so on. I'm also one of the organisers of try! Swift Tokyo, the Tokyo edition of an international conference for Swift developers. When not coding, I enjoy going Onsen ♨️, traveling in Japan or overseas and seeing friends.

What are your experiences with Bitrise? How did you first encounter it and how do you use it today?

In my company, we use Bitrise for both iOS and Android projects. Particularly in iOS, we don't just use it to test and distributes ipa files in workflows, but also, by combining the workflow with Slackbot, we distribute the ipa files to Fabric beta and TestFlight for QA teams, as well as directly to the App Store.

What made you decide to contribute to Bitrise yourself?

My contribution was limited to localizing some documentation to Japanese. In general, other CI tools will only provide English documentation. Because Bitrise opened their repo to our contributions, we were able to improve the docs ourselves!

We want to take a moment to thank Daiki and the many others that contributed to Bitrise in October. You'll find a full list of shoutouts at the bottom of this page.

Daiki Matsudate, Bitrise contributor

Want to contribute to Bitrise yourself? We have some news that should help to get you started:

Our new Contributor page

Over the coming months, we're going to spend some time and effort better supporting the community that continues to support us. We'll do this by making it easier for events to ask for support (coming soon), creating a hub for people that frequently write and/or talk about Bitrise (coming soon) and by making it easier for contributors to connect to us and each other, while at the same time standardizing some fun rewards for contributions. This last effort kicks off today:

If you visit, you'll find a page explaining the ways in which you can contribute to Bitrise and the ways in which we'll support you when you do so. Long story short: We've created a private Slack community for Bitrise contributors that puts you in direct contact with our own engineers, tech writers and each other, plus we'll reward contributions with awesome perks like the limited edition Bitrise contributor t-shirt, invitations to Bitrise sponsored developer events, extra build minutes, discounts and more.

the Bitrise contributor t-shirt
Mobile app development's most coveted t-shirt

October's Contributors

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