Bitrise Insights: Your guide to billing

Billing for Bitrise Insights is changing. You'll now be charged for the quantity of monthly builds and tests you run. Read for more.

Previously we announced that, starting from May, you will start being billed for the Insights add-on based on the number of monthly builds and tests you run. Users who run fewer than 500 monthly builds and 100k monthly tests - can continue to use Bitrise Insights for free.

For example, if you have a pipeline with five workflows in it that generates five builds (also known as workflow runs), it will count as five workflow runs. Similarly, if you generate a test report on Bitrise, we will analyze the test results, and that is what makes up the 100k test cases, which were in reports that you uploaded to Bitrise. You can read more on generating test reports from any step, in our dev center documentation.

To help you stay within your monthly limit, we will notify you in-app when you’ve reached your threshold, and provide a link to the activations page where you can activate your subscription plan. If you don't have payment details attached to your subscription and are on a custom plan, you will be directed to contact us. You can also view pricing here when you scroll down to the Pricing section.  

To manage everything related to your Bitrise Insights subscription, you can visit Plan & Billing on the main workspace, and view everything including your current subscription and upcoming charges.

To see if you are over the monthly free threshold, you can view how many workflows you are running per month here, and view how many test cases are analyzed per month here.

For new users, you can use Bitrise Insights with all its functionality for free for the first three months after the creation of a workspace. We encourage all mobile developers to try out Bitrise Insights and start optimizing their workflows today.

Bitrise Insights will provide you with in-depth data and analytics on your builds and tests, allowing you to identify issues and bottlenecks faster, and take corrective actions proactively.

Happy data digging!

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