Automated Release Management: Streamlining iOS App Releases

Our open beta Release Management add-on is now live and centralizes and automates the iOS app release process. Release Management offers a graphical user interface to simplify deployment and automate testing, providing team members and stakeholders with a streamlined way to stay informed about the status of releases. The feature is currently free for all Bitrise users.

Bitrise is proud to announce that our Release Management add-on — in open beta — is now live. With Release Management, Bitrise users can now automate their iOS app releases to the App Store in a more seamless and transparent way.

As we aim to continuously add more features to Release Management over the next months, our goal is to transform the process of releasing an app to the App Store from being a burden to becoming a well-defined, automated, transparent, and easy part of mobile app development.

So, what exactly is Release Management?

Release Management is a Bitrise feature that allows developers to centralize and automate the process of releasing their iOS app to the App Store. With Release Management, the stakeholders that are part of the release management process can manage their app releases from a single place, and keep track of the release history, version numbers, and release notes. This way, they can save time and avoid manual errors, while ensuring that their app releases are transparent and collaborative.

Who uses Release Management?

Release Management is a must-have tool for all iOS app release teams who want to streamline their release process. More specifically, it’s for all stakeholders part of the release management process including Engineering, Product Managers, Legal, QA, and Testing as well as Marketing teams.

Whether you're a solo developer, a small team, or a large enterprise, Release Management can help you release your app faster, with more confidence, and with more ease.

How releasing to the App Store with Release Management can help you

Releasing to the App Store with Release Management can offer a range of benefits, including:

  1. Improved usability: Release Management provides a graphical user interface that makes it more convenient to release an app to the App Store.
  2. Simplified deployment: With Release Management, there is no need to configure Steps or Workflows to deploy to TestFlight, submit to App Store review, release to the App Store, or manage a phased release.
  3. Automated testing: You can automate deployment to TestFlight with Release Management, ensuring that each new version of your app will be available for testing.
  4. Streamlined communication: With Release Management, team members and stakeholders can quickly stay informed about the status of the release without having to read build logs, access App Store Connect, or depend on the Release Owner's status updates.

Release Management pricing

Bitrise's Release Management feature is currently free to all Bitrise users. This means that you can start using Release Management today, and experience the benefits of automated and transparent app releases, without any additional costs.

Using Release Management

There are two main ways you can access Release Management:

  1. From the Release Management page, use the "→" button, or
  2. From your app's page use the Releases button.

Once you are on the Release Management page, you can create a new release, configure your release settings, and automate your release pipeline. Bitrise provides a comprehensive guide on how to get started with Release Management, which you can find on the Bitrise Dev Center.

Accessing the Releases page of an app from the Release Management page
Accessing the Releases page of an app from the app's page

Try Release Management for free

Bitrise's Release Management is a game-changer for iOS app development. With Release Management, you can release your app faster, with less stress, and with more confidence. So, why wait? Start releasing your iOS app in a more seamless and transparent way, with Bitrise's Release Management. Try it for free today.

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