Bitrise launches ASMR video tutorial series

Bitrise launches Android, iOS, React Native and Flutter ASMR video tutorials: Whispered instructions to get you started on Bitrise

You love ASMR, we love ASMR, everyone loves ASMR. We combined that love with our love for mobile development and this is what happened:

Bitrise ASMR video tutorials

We put a lot of thought and attention into making Bitrise as easy as possible, regardless of the technology you use to build your apps. iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter and the rest: Everything works out of the box, to a degree.

At the same time, sometimes you just get stuck or want to double-check if what you're doing is right, right? That's why we have a Devcenter with extensive documentation, to ask for input from your peers and a growing collection of community created tutorials and guides all over the place.

We're adding to that collection, though:

Why videos?

Reading is great, but often it will help if you can actually see someone take the actions required, instead of just seeing descriptions and screenshots. That's why we've chosen to create video tutorials. Short, 10 to 15 minute long videos that will run you through the setup and some initial tips and tricks for specific mobile technologies.

It will help if you can actually see someone take the actions required

These videos are the first of - what is bound to be - a growing library of content that will allow you to maximize the benefits you get from using Bitrise for your applications.

We created 4 videos to get started, but didn't want to make the same, generic, run-of-the-mill coding tutorial videos that you can find all over Youtube. We went with something a little different:

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

We went and created ASMR mobile development tutorial videos. ASMR, for the uninitiated, stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR is a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine, experienced by a good portion of the population when they listen to ASMR video or audio.

We went and created ASMR mobile development tutorial videos

We contacted popular ASMR video content creator Creative Calm ASMR and asked her to collaborate with us on the creation of these videos, to which she very graciously agreed. We had her actually onboard iOS, Android, Flutter and React Native mobile projects onto Bitrise and show you some initial configuration options. All, while whispering and producing other barely audible noises that will make your spine tingle.

The end-result of this collaboration can be found here:

An ASMR introduction to iOS app development on Bitrise

An ASMR introduction to Android app development on Bitrise

An ASMR introduction to React Native app development on Bitrise

An ASMR introduction to Flutter app development on Bitrise

The Venn diagram of developers and ASMR fans

I see some of you wondering "Why?" and honestly, that's a perfectly valid question. By creating a mobile-specific continuous integration and delivery platform in a market full of generic CI/CD solutions, we've already shown that we like to hone in on very specific audiences. With this new initiative, we decided to get even more specific: Mobile application developers that also enjoy ASMR.


We did the research, though. Our numbers show that there is a sizeable overlap in the communities of mobile app developers and that of ASMR lovers. A niche that we address with pinpoint precision through this new series of ASMR video programming tutorials.

Each and every one of these videos is an actual, working tutorial. They just happen to be whispered and someone might flutter their fingers near a microphone at some point.

Each and every one of these videos is an actual, working tutorial.

We hope you enjoy the videos and would love to hear when, how and where you watch them. Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments.

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