Introducing GitLab self-hosted support for Organizations

With easier setup and the same functionalities as for hosted solutions: we now support self-hosted GitLab instances for Organizations.

With easier setup and the same functionalities as for hosted solutions: we now support self-hosted GitLab instances for Organizations.

Many of you requested it, we've delivered a seamless integration of self-hosted GitLab to Bitrise. You can set it up on the organization level and provide the same experience and access to all the repositories for all organization members. What's more, the build statuses will be sent to GitLab and automatic webhook registration is available too!

Set it up now 🚀

Connect a self-hosted GitLab app to your Bitrise organization

If you are the owner of an organization and have root privileges to the GitLab instance, you can it to your Bitrise account. This will make it possible for other members of the organization to connect to a self-hosted GitLab instance and access repositories.

You will need to have an organization setup on Bitrise. See the details here.

Go to your Bitrise Organization's profile and select the Connected Accounts on the left menu bar.

Log into GitLab with root privileges, then create an application to get the required credentials. Use the following Redirect URI: (This can be found on the Bitrise page where you connect your GitLab instance to Bitrise too.)

Set your self-hosted GitLab credentials: App ID, Secret and Self-hosted URL.

If your connection is set up, you'll have the option to Disconnect it there.

Add the app (org members only)

Before you start, make sure you created an OAuth application in your self-hosted GitLab instance.

Any member of the organization will be able to add any apps from the self-hosted GitLab instance to their Bitrise account.

Click Add new app and choose the Organization with the connected self-hosted GitLab as the app owner. Now you'll have and Self-hosted under GitLab

By clicking Connect Self-hosted, you can access the instance by Authorizing it.

On the Add new app page, you'll have to choose the Org as the app owner and then you'll see the repos! Yay!

If a regular member of the org chooses an org that has no self-hosted GitLab connected, they won't see the Self-hosted tab under GitLab when adding a new app.

If the owner of the org chooses and an org that has no self-hosted GitLab connected, they will be able to go through the setup process detailed above.

We hope you'll love this feature! Happy self-hosted building!

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