Be our guest... blogger!

We are always delighted to hear how members of our community use Bitrise and many of you have already shared your experience with us and we shared them on our blog in return.

We are always delighted to hear how members of our community use Bitrise and many of you have already shared your experience with us and we shared them on our blog in return.

So if you have a great story to tell your fellow Bitrisers about a special way you use Bitrise or would like to share guides or tutorials on integrating third-party services to Bitrise or you have some interesting things to say related to mobile development, automation, virtualization, devops and the like, contact us!

We are open to a variety of topics but we are most likely to post articles that are tech-heavy and would be aimed at advanced devs and executives and which show a certain depth of sophistication and knowledge of the topic discussed. If you are more comfortable with programming than writing, it is fine with us. Anna, our tech content creator is happy to help you with polishing up the structure and style of your article.

A few keywords:

  • Bitrise
  • CI/CD
  • steps
  • golang
  • automation
  • integrations
  • devops
  • app development


  • Check our previous guest posts for inspiration.
  • Articles will appear on the Bitrise Blog under the writer's (full) name.
  • Blog posts will be included in our weekly newsletter and shared on our social media profiles.
  • Articles can be published elsewhere too, we don't require exclusivity.
  • Anna (tech content producer) is happy to help polishing up your text.
  • You can submit your article by sharing it via a cloud base service (GDocs, Gist, GitHub, etc).
  • Ideally, the article should be in English. If you'd submit one in another language, contact us so we can find a solution.
  • We'll provide you with swag right after your post is published. 🙂

To apply, please fill out this form.

If you have any questions or comments, contact us via our onsite chat, comment here or write us at letsconnect [at] bitrise . io !

We’ll be in touch. :)

Read on for help on writing your article

Below you’ll find a list of questions you might find useful when considering what to write about and how to structure it. This is only meant as a guide, feel free to skip any questions or answer any other you’d ask yourself :)

Apart from that, please consider submitting along with the copy:

  • Screenshots: not wider than 650 pixels and readable
  • Code snippets (if applicable)
  • A profile picture: you should be on it and it should look okay in circled
  • A blurb about you and/or your work
  • Any relevant links: Twitter, LinkedIn, work, etc.

About how YOU use Bitrise

Why Bitrise?

When did you start to use Bitrise? What was your company like then?

What was the challenge you seeked a solution for?

How did you solve it with Bitrise?

What languages do you use? What platforms? How many developers do you have in your team?

What apps do you build? What is your audience? How did this change to Bitrise affect your users or team?

What changed in your work processes? How many releases did you have before and after?

What do you like best in Bitrise?

Tutorial on a step or integration or feature

What was the problem or challenge you had to address?

What options/courses of action did you consider?

Please describe step by step how you set up, configure or add this step/integration/feature. Screenshots, code snippets, ymls or short video footage are welcome. :)

How did this new step/integration/feature affect your daily work routines?

What are the advantages of your new work routine or using this new step/integration/feature?

No items found.
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